Bushmen persistence hunting

  • This type of hunting practiced by the bushmen of Africa was an eye opener to me. Basically the human hunter runs down his prey, in this case a Kudo, in the hot sun over the course of hours until the animal can no longer move due to sheer exhaustion. The man is able to outlast the animal because his anatomy is more efficient over a long distance. Running on two legs takes less energy than running on four, and not having fur the human can sweat from his whole body and cool down better. He is also able to carry water with him. This kind of hunting is believed to be used by our furthest ancestors before the development of long range projectile weapons. When I think how quickly I give up on a fish once it starts moving I am in awe of these hunters.

  • Muy interesante Dan, gracias. :thumbup:

    Tu comentario me lleva a preguntarme si esa técnica del humano antes de las armas de agotar al animal basado en la resistencia superior del hombre se aplicaba en otros tipos de geografía, como el Amazonas, o el Polo Norte.

    En una oportunidad vi un documental de los Caribes y Taínos y me llamó mucho la atención que pescaban atunes en alta mar, puede sorprendernos, pero ellos se desplazaron por todas las islas del Mar caribe , es decir eran buenos navegantes, hombres de selva y mar.

    Un Hombre tiene que creer en algo.......
    Creo que me iré de pesca!!!

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