Taimen Pneumovacuum Speargun

  • I see that a "Taimen 1400" was made to a special order, this gun requiring the stepped ladder loader to charge it! That is a very long pneumatic speargun, which is a big stretch on a gun originally designed for shooting in thickets and reeds. However the long gun was seen laying alongside a pile of big meaty victims, so it was deadly in the right hands.


  • A titanium model of the "Taimen" has been announced with a full titanium construction as a limited edition. The gun uses the new muzzle with an integrated line slide holder, somewhat like the black plastic nose produced a year or two back, but with a different shape to the front profile. Price of PVM600 d8- 27,550 rubles.



    muzzle with integral line slide holder.jpg

    Prototype muzzle in alloy.

    plastic muzzle discontinued.jpg

    Plastic muzzle (now discontinued) prior to drilling of side ports in slots.

  • This is a video of the titanium version being displayed for the first time. Here the gun does not have its handle fitted and you can see that it is pretty much titanium from end to end, including all the bored out rear components which are very fiddly parts to make given the internal air transfer ports and thin wall sections involved.


  • Yes, I have had one for several years, a 600 model with the power regulator which is a simple throttle operated by a pivoting
    lever (shot reduction for the rocks). For a slim tank gun it is surprisingly powerful with a quick shot for hunting in the seaweed jungle,
    which is primarily what it was designed for, i.e. vegetation obstructed underwater fishing environments. About the same performance as a “Cyrano 55” which is the same propulsion length, I replaced it with the “Taimen” as the latter floats after the shot, the “Cyrano” does not!

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  • Here is a diagram showing where the various rubber seals in the gun are located, the table being obtained from the latest handbook.

    Hacoc is the handpump and the piston is поршень. This diagram only lacked the polyurethane bush in front of the damper or shock absorber and is now added.

  • Many years ago someone suggested that "Taimen" had made a titanium special edition, but I never heard any more of it. Now it has come true and a titanium model has been made and I ordered one and here it is, shown alongside my existing "Taimen" PVRM 600. Rear handles are removed to show the gun’s construction.

  • I weighed the two barrel assemblies and the titanium gun is 407 g. and the alloy gun is 330 g., so a weight difference of 77 g. Bear in mind that the alloy gun is a power regulator model and has a few more internal parts, while the titanium gun is single power and is also the 8 mm spear version with an 11 mm ID inner barrel. My PVRM 600 is the 7 mm spear version and thus has the 10 mm ID inner barrel. A true weight comparison would be to compare two guns with the 11 mm ID inner barrels. The 8 mm spear version goes up in barrel bore size to provide more force for driving the heavier spear. Note that the 6.5 mm spear version is discontinued. The titanium gun for now only comes in the 8 mm spear version.

  • Now the balance of the titanium gun has arrived, including its 8 mm diameter spear. Before fitting it to the gun body I have photographed the grip handle alongside the previous handles, the right hand grip with thumb rest and the “universal handle” for use in either hand. The titanium handle is fitted with the side mounted line release, although the space is still there for the finger guard mounted line release if you wanted to fit it.

  • Taimen have now announced hardened stainless steel spears (Sandvik) for their guns which come in Tahitian single flopper, Tahitian single flopper with replaceable point and threaded end versions for screw on speartips with floppers. If you hunt near rocks or a stony bottom with a light sprinkling of sand then replaceable tips are recommended, otherwise you will be grinding your tips down after a shot hits the nearest available rock when it lands.

    These spears have the latest screw on tails that allows replacement of the polyurethane bush which functions as a stop for the hydraulic braking slider or line slide. The polyurethane bush is backed by the "coke bottle" waisted stainless steel rear tail.

    Гарпуны Таймень - Производитель ружей Таймень

    Производство ружей Таймень
    taimen.pro taimen.pro

    stainless hardened spears A.jpg

  • Actually over the years the trigger guard has been made much larger for just that reason. Diving in icy lake waters many Russian divers wear gloves or mittens. The last two iterations of the handle have been designed for use with gloves, the one below being the latest.

    The grip handle on a "Taimen" is larger than you think, even on the earlier "round hole" trigger finger guard frame handles I could barely get my fingers around it. Getting rid of the thumb rest ridge helped in the next model.

  • Speargun manufacturers often create a style or look for their guns which they try to retain in the later models throughout the years. "Taimen” in its early days began with a spring gun which shows where the current handle design cues comes from.

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