Pathos pockets

  • Hi.

    I'm about to buy blacktech fibreglass ice soft, with pathos pockets.

    My feet measure 25cmL and 9.5 width. Is the 38-40 good for me? Will use 3mm in them. Like it snug. Any general thoughts on them black techs?

    Cheers from Sweden

  • Thanks Dan!

    Allright, but didn't really help. Think I go for the 38-40. Are they still selling first and second generation pockets out there? Because it doesn't say in any of the shops online which gen it is.

  • Pathos pockets are nice after you adapt them to your feet. There are several metods. I used boiling water.

    They are very light thoug and let the blades "work" without restriction.

    I can't help you with the size, but as a guide, I wear a 10 US / 42 Euro and use 42-44 with 3 mm soxs.

    Marco Melis

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