Cressi comanche 110 allows 2 bands?

  • Trial and error is the way to find out as your body fat content affects your density and someone the same size as you may need different weights. In the shallows try different weights by adding them on until you float vertically with your eyeline on the waterline and breathing in and out shifts you up and down marginally, then you should be right.

    Here is my weight belt, but I wear a 7 mm wetsuit because the water here is cold, so I need plenty of lead. The home-made weights are about 3 lbs each.

  • Ok cool sounds good. I think I'll just get some weight and then add or take away. Just like you said trial and error. Thanks a ton you guys have been a ton of help! I can't wait to get out and spearfish!

  • Awesome thanks for the help that sounds great! And yes I will I'll post some pics! Hoping to find some fatties! I had another question. Im a shorter stature type guy with so muscle and I ordered a pathos thira wetsuit size small. I noticed when I put the bottoms on (long johns) there is a gap in my lower back. Everything feels great around my legs and even the top portion feels good. But I still have a little gap of air in my lower back. Anyone else have this problem? Will that be a major issue?

    Some wetsuits come standard with farmer john pants. I cut all of them just under my nipples. Then, I fold the pants an inch down exposing the open cell part, which making contact with the top will seal the water better than lycra-fabric contact.

    You will notice also that you can breath better, and of course, will be much more easy taking a dump if necessary. :)

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

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