Boogie float for blue water

  • Hello,

    Hope everyone is well in this strange times we are living.

    Decided to ask this as a new thread since all the others on the "floats" section are more than a year old.

    So I use, and many of you as well, a good quality boogie board as a float. I attach things to it and it helps to move from spot to spot as you lay on them.

    Now the question is, has anyone used a good quality boogie as a float for hunting big pelagic?

    I got several good boogies around that are not good for surfing anymore but are in good condition.

    I figure if they can hold "above water" a 150 pound human, they should do well with a breakaway system for tuna, mahi, etc.


    Take care!!

  • Hey Dan!

    well I don't know all the technicalities or specific materials, they are all basically foam. But what I mean with a good quality is one that you can surf serious, big powerful waves and it will last. A performance surf boggie if you will. Brands like Mike Stewart, Pride, Hubbard, VS.

    A low quality one on the same wave conditions will bend and/or break in half on a couple of waves/wipeouts. This ones are the ones you would find in Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart, etc. They are mean for a fun time on the beach, not hi performance surfing.

    I believe it all has to do with how the foam is expanded. In any case, I figure with a couple of plugs (normally for the leash), you can hook up the clips and give it a go for hunting the pelagic.

    At least that what I am trying to investigate.


  • Important is the strength of the point of attachment for your float line. There will be a lot of pressure there which needs to be distributed over a larger area. And a drag system/cleat for picking up line. I don't know the size fish you'll be going after, but I would make sure it can take your weight and drag, you may be holding on to the board being pulled. Easy enough to test it have the boat pull you.

  • Hey!

    thanks for the input form both.

    Will give it a try.
    Looking for 60 pounders at best. Might work out.

    Will let you know what happens whenever it happens, if it happens hahaaha

    Yeah even a 80 lb fish will be fine. I thought you were hunting tuna.

    Cheers, Don

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