Omer Stingray Foot Pocket Sizing

  • I'm interested in buying Omer Stingray foot pockets and am unsure what size to get. My feet are 300mm long and I plan to use 5mm socks.

    I have a pair of Omer Millenium foot pockets in size EU 46-48 / US 12-13 and they are too short and too narrow in the forefoot, even without socks (see attached image).

    I was planning on buying size 49-50 stingrays, but I've heard that the stingrays run very large. Are there any other foot pockets I should consider? Most brands don't seem to make large enough sizes...

  • Omer stingray size 49-50 is the next logical choice. Available from spearfishing store

    I do have a doubt about your measurement because my foot is 28cm and size 45-46 is a little big on me. Your foot is only 2cm bigger.

    Cressi gara modular and Mares razor are another option

  • Thanks for the advice.

    I tried remeasuring my feet and if I weight the ball of my foot more they measure slightly longer — around 302-303mm. My experience with the sizing of omer foot pockets still seems a little inconsistent with other people's...

    I think I'll go with the stingrays in size 49-50. As long as the sizing is similar between the millenniums and stingrays, those should work.

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