Mares Cyrano HFT pneumatic speargun no longer in production?

  • Dear Members,

    I was searching for Mares Cyrano HFT (90-100cm), but it is out of stock in all places. Even Official Mares web site does not list it anymore.

    Is this model no longer in production ?

    Anyone can shed some light on this, would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

    Cheers !

  • Yes the Mares Cyrano HFT pneumatic speargun is discontinued. While aesthetically it was a very nice pneumatic speargun, functionality wise it was no different than a more standard looking compressed air powered speargun.

    As an alternative consider the Seac Asso it's a very nice pneumatic speargun. Powerful, accurate, a reliable work horse, it's been around for many years. At a very affordable price, an updated look and all the right lengths; power/range configurations, the Seac Asso (Ace in Italian) is a no brainer for air gun fans It would be my choice for a good looking, functional, no-frills pneumatic speargun.

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