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    Don't really need the inflatable. We were getting ready to go off the beach spearin the other day and a beautiful lady in a very small bikini kept smiling at me= I asked her if she wanted to go out spearin with us, she said '' no but ýou can stay here with me instead'. I hesitated for just a second, but decided to go spearin instead:D
    I figured I would be safer in the water:)

    you might have been right, it is never comfortable when the spearo finds himself the HUNTED....although if you are talking about some of those lovely visions from Dania, you might be a fool hahaha

    hey Dan, I think I might be able to mod your existing float to make it suit my needs...if you are still looking to get rid of it to a home that will show it good use and love, shoot me a PM

    so Hau do you wear that under your wetsuit?

    is it a safer way to dive?
    I ask because it would seem like you would need to be awake/consious to use it and that is not the case in a blackout scenario, or is this just for the last moment of consiousness to get you to the surface?

    to resurrect the oldie...I think this is a great idea, with even more applications...think about how easy it would be to rinse down your gear with one of these bad boys, and even a place to do the initial dry out.

    if you want to try to get these sold on ebay, I would be happy to help you take the pics and rig it up with a few different set ups and uses.

    it would also be sweet if you could add an acc. tray for beach side filleting and such...just a though, but it might be do-able if you just put two horizontal supports on two legs and just laid a cutting board across.

    regardless, great vision and execution

    hey tinman...have you thought about a design that might work on billers? since the wooden barrel is not as wide as the muzzle, it seems like it would need like a riser pad or something...I for one would love one

    hey spearos. I see a lot of familiar folks here so this must be a cool spot to talk fish slaying

    thanks for the nice site gang, fixin to get comfy here and make some friends and then go get some dinner