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    got 3 around this size the past couple weeks, all hiding in little caves

    This one had gone out and in several times, and I finally got him by crawling on the bottom out of sight until I was right in front of the cave

    You guys ever need another volunteer to work on the boat?

    I dive commercially in the states, hunting all the same species you guys do

    planning on flying to baja in the fall to dive but could fly somewhere else

    666 :reddevil::reddevil:;)

    I would like to Impaler :thumbsup2:
    Cheers, Don

    I was looking closely at that photo and noticed that is actually in the harbor in key west, the gay snorkel boat is in the back ground, the blue q or whatever it is called

    maybe you would like this photos as well

    I haven't not shot the reef hybrids a lot, I have shot them some the track and shoot fine but they are mid handles

    I like shooting rear handles with one hand, the whole two hand mid handle swivel thing is lost on me

    Jason and Niko who both work with me part time commercial diving use them with great results, he has sold a bunch around key west but I don't know if any of these people are on this board, or any board for that matter

    He also sent a gun to some freedive club in san diego, but I don't know which one

    I have used rail guns in the past

    I have had a rabitech hunter, rabitech apex, mako oceanic, rob allen, CF aimrite and also a CF Aimrite venom

    for one the neptonics trigger blows away the triggers on those rail guns, maybe some other rail guns have a better trigger but none that I have used

    also the enclosed track is better for reloading, there is zero chance of user error loading the track gun, with pipe guns, the shaft can get out out of alignment , the mono can get under the shaft etc

    Not sure if its psychological but the wood guns just feel better, I have shot nice fish with the railgun and there are people who have shot way better fish then I have ever shot with the railgun, but I just like the slim wood gun better

    also just to give an even bigger plug for Jason's guns, that first 666 hybrid took 3 wahoo in past month or so the biggest being 60# (i know people get all wet when you mention wahoo)

    I could post some photos but not sure if that would be too self promotional :nono:

    I don't want to be seen as spamming your forum, but I dive with Jason who makes the impaler spearguns, all the time

    so obviously anything I say is totally biased but ....

    I love shooting his guns, I use two rear handles he made for fishing the reef all the time

    I like his reef guns because he makes them as slim as possible, I hate dragging around big boxy guns in the water

    I think hybrids are kind of gimic, but people love them. I test fired the 666 hybrid a bunch when he was balancing it, and it was pretty cool . It was nicer to swing around in the water then my blue water gun, but it did not shoot any better.