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    contact Jon @ he can provide you with current info and cautions. It has been over 10 years since I did it - I was traveling under a diplomatic passport and had zero issues in Bali.

    Word of caution (seriously). Do NOT route through Singapore, unless things have changed a lot - Singapore could take your speargun even on a transit. I was living there under diplomatic cover (U.S. Embassy) but had major issues getting my spearguns in and out even though they were "registered".

    Good luck. Be prepared for some serious currents diving but beautiful people, country, food, and lovely gals.

    You are 100% right on the mail service BUT check - I am pretty sure DHL, FedEx or even UPS operate in Nicaragua. Good luck. The spearfishing should be GREAT and you have very different reef structures to spearfish - coral on the Caribbean coast and rocky on the Pacific - should be fantastic diving. Hope to see some of your reports soon. :)

    PS - Watch out for the Bull sharks in Lake Nicaragua

    Thanks guys, good advice and I'll see if I can find more on here through the above mentioned. When I was there in Jan I had decided not to take my gear because I couldn't find out much, but while on the beach one day, drinking margaritas, a local came by with a pole spear made from rebar and some medical tubing, I figured I might as well give it a try! I hadn't considered my gear on the beach so I guess I'll add a waterproof drag bag to attach to my buoy.
    Mi español no es bueno, pero el dólar es!

    En ese caso - tenga cuidado y Espero que los dólars te ayudan con las señoritas :thumbsup2::cool2:

    Not sure how helpful this will be - I sailed from Panama to Californa years ago and sustained us with fish & lobsters taken spearfishing the Pacific coast including Puerto Vallarta. I Never had an issue and most likely you could pick any off the beaten path (away from public beaches) and no one will bother you. BUT, and ths s the BiG but - but you never really know wat an underpaid, uneducated, local policeman might say or do - they will not have a clue about the regulations.

    So - be sure to have your "license" and if - extremely remote chance, if a police asks give him your license with a 100 peso note (about $8.00). Chances of ths occurring is extremely remote.

    The REAL issue is security for your belongings left on the rocks while diving. Hide your clothes, don't leave many valuables or carry in waterproof container with you - or leave with someone while you dive. Little poor kids are every where looking for whatever they can find or steal. Just the facts of life.

    Now - truth is you may not encounter ANY issues but wanted to make you aware of two possibilities.

    Now for the fun part - diving along the coast will be fun and interesting. No coral reefs, rocky reefs mostly, lots of small fish, not great viz for the most part, warm water, and you may find small groupers or snappers to give your hotel to cook for you.

    Have fun and watch out for the senoritas of the night.

    Como esta su Español? Buena suerte!

    I've done a fair amount of diving in Indonesia with pretty heavy fishing pressure and sadly where locals do fishing with explosives. At least you are NO WHERE near China and Cinese fish whatever the hell they are.

    Both Hank & George pretty much covered what I would say. I recently had an opportunity to spearfish ion reefs that were heavily fished by the locals - truth was fish were spooky as hell and nothing was going to allow me to spear them. Based on your descriptions of your gear, area, conditions, abilities, etc. my only additional comment is - you are successful in tough conditions. Enjoy it, lay on your hammock on fish less days, enjoy your family, and enjoy the occasional fish the ocean gods and Neptune send your way.

    Enjoy what you have - many of us should be so lucky.

    I have found reefs to be too nosy to identify individual fish nose with the exception of large groupers and jewfish with their LOUD booms and The croaking of Corvina and Croakers. Whereas diving in the deep blue the sound of silence is more pronounced.

    Like George said - Reefs are so nosy they blank out any subtle fish sounds from my observations.

    I enjoyed that - diving kelp beds in SoCal s on my bucket list. Looks so different from anything I've dove and interesting. Some "forum" friends of mine ave bagged 3 WSB over 70 pounds and you belong on the other forum too so you know. What speargun is this? Interesting cano on it.

    Thanks - enjoyed the video! :thumbsup2:

    Great video and impressive days catch. I really miss lobstering in South Florida. But I don't recall having seen that many late season in the Keys. Was this off Miami or Ft. Lauderdale? Really brought back memories - thank you.

    You suck George. I went diving again today....or tried. Still have sinus block. So all I got was sun burned. :( :thumbsup2: You're good badeh....shet.....

    That's a bummer Hank. That was my big problem on our last family spearfishing trip. Good thing my son speared some nice fish. Have you tried the over the counter fluticasone nasal spray? Good luck.


    North of Golden Gate Bridge?

    A Hot Water Bottle?

    But seriously - good luck.

    We ave some cold water members here that could help.