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    Our city used to be called Stalingrad, during the second world war, the Germans flooded many ships in the Volga river, on this at the bottom of a lot of things

    I'm in Crimea now. Waiting for warm weather....Do you know any good spots down here? I was in Yalta in October and looks like some nice drop offs along the rocks. But damn....I'm used to tropical water. What thickness wetsuit do you use here?

    They're around the reef. When a slip tip touch a rock, 99% probability to damage the adapter. They have very small tolerances and will never work well after that.

    If you're that good that you don't miss a shot, it's ok. I'm not.

    But they also are pretty easily coaxed out into the sandy areas if you toss some sand up. Come on're getting old.....hahaha:D

    Yep, that’s where I was. It was about 8:30 am and looked all closed up. I didn’t want to get shot!! ...snooping around someone’s home. I need batteries for my Aeris computers. Will order from the store.

    Any time you get to Belize Dan, we’re out there. I’m done traveling. Love being home with the kids and wife....and boat.

    So I was in Cape Coral for 13 days working up to Friday last week. On my way back to Miami I really wanted to pass the Spearfishing store and say hello. And buy a few things for tying bands etc.

    Google and Siri got me to a place and Siri says, “your destination is on the right”. Huh? All I could see were houses. So I turned right on the next street, circled around and saw a white van with dive flags on it, but no sign or anything to indicate I was at a Dive Store.

    Then it hit me...”wait, the forum has been renamed so maybe the store has too”. So I punch in Spearfishing World and Siri and I headed south. We find the store, wait for it to open and the two Latinos working there said, “Dan? Nobody named Dan works here”.

    By this time I had to go and check into the hotel. So I message Dude George and told him basically what I typed here and he said,”the Spearfishing Store IS Dan’s house”.

    Well shit. I guess I was there at the first stop? Sorry I missed you, Dan. Maybe next time.

    I just spent a week in Seram, Indonesia. It's an island just north of Darwin, Australia, pretty close to the equator. I've been to Indo a few times in the last 30 years and I remember diving off South Sulawesi (Bulukumba?). Major thermocline. I was shocked ! Maybe 5-6 Degrees Centigrade (28 down to 22?) I experienced the same thing on the north side of Seram a couple days ago. I don't think a 3 mm with a hood would have been enough wetsuit.

    Anyway, I'm here working and regret not bringing a gun and gear. It's almost virgin territory. I only saw a couple small boats in a week. I went free diving three times right off the hatchery site. The drop off was only 200 feet off shore or so. Had to use a rock for weight and had some useless scuba, full foot fins. But I was getting down to maybe 60 feet and lying on the bottom. SHIT! 50-70 lb humphead parrot fish, 10-50 lb napolean wrasse (protected species) some nice snappers, one of which even El Marco would have been proud of me getting in arm's length :P....and a 40 lb or so Spanish mackerel came right up to me while sitting on the sand slope drop off at about 60 feet. It was actually acting a little aggressive.

    Anyway, if I come back, I'm bringing gear. Lot of stinging pneumatocysts in the water here Need a full suit and hood....for warmth too. =O

    I think the cold water is due to the Indonesian Through Flow. Too much to typing to describe it, so please Google it. At about 1 degree south of the equator, this phenomenon seems to cool the water down and keeps the coral healthy. No sign of beaching.

    Alright my brothers....hope to get some fish when I get back home to Belize in a couple weeks. 8)

    So how do you post pics. I was copy and pasting from Facebook before but they seem to change the address and all those disappeared so I started using PhotoBucket. Now those are gone too? How does one post? I can't do it straight from my iPhotos.

    home...briefly. Brought family back to Belize. Araceli is a country girl and Phuket was a little too fast living. Driving on the wrong side of the road....language barrier.

    Anyway, we came home and the girls were renting another house so we bought it. Better they pay us rent. Got out diving 4 times. Warm water....31.4C.

    After the 3rd trip out, started getting back into it. 60 feet for 1 min 30 sec. Missed a few easy shots but got this nice mutton at 6th Cut. Shot down on it and the shaft came out its throat. Stoned.

    Planning to go to Antigua to dive with Dude George for wahoo in Jan.

    I had to come back to Phuket. Will go to Indonesia and China but will be back home in Dec. Sounds glamorous but traveling sucks.

    Heading home tomorrow. Wife got homesick. I told this company that my family is first. If my wife doesn't like Thailand, we go home. They're cool with it and want me to come back as a consultant periodically.

    Ya mon, Haven't shot a fish for about 9 months. Got out a few times here but not so good was like going inside the reef with no cut in Belize. Just some small fish here and there.

    I hope the fish got bigger and dumber while I was gone. Can't wait to get home. From this, the reef.
    ya man....

    Sorry for the lare response. I am working in Thailand until maybe early Dec. looking forward to getting back home. The snappers should be bigger and dumb by now :-))

    $350/person/day??? Wow, I'm going to quit farming shrimp and start a spearing charter back home. The best way to hunt fish in Belize is in the cuts in the reef. With the tides, the current is too strong to swim against and be able to hold your breath for any good dives. Best to get a boat to drop and pick you up inside or outside, depending on the tide. Tobacco Caye has back packer rates for rooms and going south from there you get below the Southwater Marine Reserve. Below Southwater Caye are at least 7 nice size cuts. There are a couple more even farther south but they're really small and hard to navigate. But there are fish there.

    Nice tilapia. And they're smart fish.
    We kept them in tanks in our hatchery. We would starve them for two days so my son could catch a few on hook and line (yeah, it's cheating...) After you'd catch one, the others wouldn't take the bait. I'm sure that if you start shooting them, the others learn very quickly. Like snappers.

    I haven't really tracked it accurately, but I'm guess my Aeris F10 lasts maybe....a year and a half or two? I don't have a lot of experience with others. But changing the F10 takes a minute or two. Dan supplies the battery kits.

    Do daughters count too? Maritsa, my step daughter who is now married to Fricken' Jake....was doing really well diving until Jake knocked her up. haha. They have a beautiful daughter. But "Mar" was doing 60 foot dives already. We had a wetsuit and fins for her....she'll get back into it.
    My daughters Sandy and Kiera are scuba divers. Kenny (yes, it's a girl) was learning scuba. Only Sindy and Alene are left. haha. My wife and I have 10 kids between us.
    The Brady Bunch gone wild. Willy and Alene can actually say, "my brother married my sister". :laughing: