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    Yea I don't get that somewhere that rec takes more hogs though but I'm not sure about that. I can only speak from what I've seen but I think the hogs nearshore in south Florida need a break more than anything. Almost every shore dive I do here I usually only see fish just at 12" or less :( it's even worse in the keys

    there are still big hogs real close you just have to know where to look ;) but yes I have seen a decline over the years.

    George is right. Most modern pistols have multiple safeties that work in a variety of ways all to prevent the firearm from going off accidentally. And still there are accidents. The safety switches found on most spearguns are crude and generally degrade over time. The speargun safeties mostly prevent the trigger from being pulled and do nothing to directly prevent the spear from releasing. Growing up I was taught the safety was a "dummy switch" because only a dummy would rely on them. This doesn't mean I don't use safeties just that you can't trust them. All safeties of any design can and do fail. The only safe way to prevent accidentally injury someone is to know where your muzzle is pointed at all times.

    I can assure you those "accidents" are negligent discharges. I have yet to see a firearm go off on its own. Its sad how our society has become a knee jerk society when a tragedy happens.

    Amazing machine, this plane can carry more then its own weight in fuel and payload, video was shot empty though :D

    I am like a cat when it comes to cold water and no longer plan on diving if I cant wear rash guard :laughing: have about 20 dives with this suit (never peed in :D) Dans suits are amazing and it is still pretty much brand new. I am sure someone will get more use out of it then me, $120 picked up in Miami, I can ship in a USPS flat rate box as well, send me a PM or text call (305)467-8978

    I run the same combo with the Pathos fireblade pockets, absolutely love them :thumbsup2:

    hahahahahah man you want no part of this trip! a 26ft panga from caracas to Antigua aint a fun trip my brother, buying myself a spearfishing boat to hit the tuna season in summer hard! If it were a civilized sailing boat i would have rolled out the red carpet for you, IN SPITE of you being colour blind and clearly a hazard on a night watch yelling pink for port!! :laughing:

    your taking a 26 panga as in navigating it? :@ you have balls....

    Look at the sources. Follow the money.

    I see a lot of posts on Facebook about how bad tilapia is. I've grown tilapia in pristine seawater in Hawaii and the Philippines. Fed feeds from the same grains that feed your cattle, chickens etc in the US. Why would that not be healthy?
    They do survive in very rough conditions also. Tough fish….like a lot of animals from Africa….but it's all about how they are grown. It's not the animal that's bad, it's the method of culture.
    Don't know if you've ever been close to a feed lot for cattle…I remember one in Greeling CO. You could smell it for miles away.

    But for sure…and I think about this a lot when I look at my 5 year old son and one month old daughter….we have to figure out how to intensively grow food in integrated systems that reuse the waste of one, for the benefit of the other. Hydroponics is a good start. It's coming. And, best of all, it's a fun job. :thumbsup2:

    I stocked my pond with 100 pounds of tilapia and guess what they eat? table scraps, horse and cattle feed (as well as the inevitable manure when they drink from pond), dog food, etc.. and they taste mighty good :thumbsup2: they have also multiplied incredibly, survive the frost and keep algae and hydrilla down

    I think man will be wiped out long before the ocean critters are. They've survived much longer than we've been around.
    And I've seen a few cases where pressure on fishing was relaxed and in a very short time, there is noticeable recovery. Nogas Island in the Philippines and right here in Belize. Shortening the conch season created a huge comeback in two years. I was amazed.

    I would guess that yes, stocks will continue to decline but at some point, it won't be cost effective to continue fishing from the wild. Boats won't be able to recover fuel and labor costs.etc.

    I mentioned this with George on Facebook. This has happened with shrimp. Aquacultured shrimp is cheaper to produce than wild caught now. In 2001 it almost drove the Gulf trawlers out of business when world prices dropped really low. But thank the US government for stepping in and subsidizing them to continue raping the sea bottom. :crazy:

    Im all for aquaculture :thumbsup2: but now we have the push to purchase only "wild caught" fish in the US :rolleyes1:

    The sky is falling!.... I find it hard to believe any study can put a date on this, I remember 20 years ago when they said there will be no more fossil fuels by 2010, or extreme climate change and florida being wiped out by hurricanes every year.

    2 days, after the first few days of commercial they rape every last one, then they blame the rec guys for slow harvest the rest of the year :rolleyes1: