Spearfishing knife by Speardiver

  • All Spearfishing knives by Speardiver have Stiletto shape stainless steel blades for optimal penetration, can be calf or belt mounted, and come with a choice of rubber straps.

    Spearfishing Knife Speardiver Skene , Polished and Stealth
    Stainless steel, very low profile, shaft extractor built into blade.



    Spearfishing Knife Speardiver Pacific
    Stainless steel, green camo Teflon coated blade



    Spearfishing Knife Speardiver Predator, Polished and Stealth
    High visibility Red handle, stainless steel with two serrated edges.




    Spearfishing Knife Speardiver Scrambler
    Stainless steel, easy twist kill knife.



    Spearfishing knife Speardiver Stinger, Polished and Stealth
    Stainless steel, super compact.



    Spearfishing Knife Speardiver Seax
    Stainless steel, ergonomic grip, locking sheath.


    Spearfishing Knife Rubber Straps
    Marseilles belt type straps with stainless steel buckles or plastic quick release type buckles.


  • Amazing dan. I will be placing an order for a few of those. Excellent!!!

    BTW The belt style straps are superior, not only because of the material, but the buckles are so important. To adjust your knife for different suit thickness for different locations or for different divers is a PIA with the clipping buckles. These make it as simple as putting on a watch.

    i like to spear fish

  • That Scrambler is blade looks like one of my favorite old Cressis :thumbup:are the specs on the Speardiver link ?

    Cheers, Don

    ''Great mother ocean brought forth all life, it is my eternal home''
    Don Berry from Blue Water Hunters.
    Speardiver Gear

  • I see on the Freedive Store website that they are stainless, but can you say which alloy (316, 410, 420, etc.)? Each has it's own advantages (300 series are more rustproof, 400 series hold an edge better, etc) so different people will have different preferences. Also, what's on the handle of the Skene model? Is it a rubber coating?

  • Stainless steel is W 1.4116 tempered to a 55-56HRC hardness. It's the same for all the knives.

    The coating on the handle of the Skene knife is a PP/TPE blend. I can tell you that it feels solid/not shifty and is grippy. The Skene is my personal knife of choice for its slim profile. Putting it on the inside of the calf you feel almost zero drag when kicking.

  • Yes Don.

    Thanks Dan. :thumbup:I really like that Gara blade length and shape. The radius and thin profile coupled with a hard SS that will hold a edge make for a strong performer when braining large fish. I like to insert and twist once the cranium is pierced, the placement of the radius will make that a done deal. The shorter blade helps prevent a palm piercing when the hand is clutching the gill collar from beneath.

    H.Dessault had once gifted me a fine looking green Spora Sub Snake dagger, you should have felt the chill :@
    and terror as I brained a 30# Yellowtail and sent the tip deep into my left palm.

    Just went to the Freedive store site, thank you for continuing to bring great quality products to even the most demanding pros at at a fair price. I see some more Speardiver gear in my future after payday.

    Cheers, Don

    ''Great mother ocean brought forth all life, it is my eternal home''
    Don Berry from Blue Water Hunters.
    Speardiver Gear

  • Thanks Don. The knife is appropriately named "Scrambler" :)

    Just my experience and memory's of top Coupe de Grace blades over the years. When you hug and silence your gift from the Mother you will be glad you use quality tools.

    Cheers, Don

    ''Great mother ocean brought forth all life, it is my eternal home''
    Don Berry from Blue Water Hunters.
    Speardiver Gear

  • Dan is there a way to attach a sheath to a wetsuit? I saw a post somewhere about having a knife on your chest as being a great (natural) position to carry one. It seemed like a nice location and out of the way but I cant figure a good way to attach it. The post was from a scuba diver who carried it on the BC.

  • I played with this years ago and put pockets on my suit. It didn't work out well because the handle would pull on the pocket material and protrude to the side. But I never tried it with such a flat knife as this. Wherever you put the knife remember that there has to be an area of the body behind it that doesn't change shape. When you dive the torso bends quite a bit.

    To put the pocket on, with cheap lined suits I'd use aquaseal and another piece of lined neoprene. Today with the good suit neoprene being so soft I wouldn't attach anything to the suit. The good suits deserve being nothing more than suits. So I will continue using the inner calf. For guys not fat the belt is a good place too.

  • I was thinking over the left peck from about the collar bone to near the sternum. This are doesn't change much and is off to the side enough not to affect chest loading and your right it does take a fairly flat/compact knife.

  • I use 3M 5200 on a dry suit with a ballistic nylon sheath over my heart, the sealant takes a 4 days two cure fully. Aqua seal is a faster glue but not as long lasting. I can reach the kill knife fast with either hand in case one is wrapped or busy. Images tomorrow.


    ''Great mother ocean brought forth all life, it is my eternal home''
    Don Berry from Blue Water Hunters.
    Speardiver Gear

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