White Chin: First Blood

  • So I built a RI special gun and finally got to use it today, it's a 47" mid handle. It has the band stretch of a 100cm euro, but the length of a 75cm from the handle to the tip. The spear has super short overhang because it's designed for shorter ranges and maneuverability.

    I will add a reel tomorrow when I get them in from a special courier in FL. Hopefully my dyneema arrives soon after. I will go over the specs of the gun and in detail later. Today, I just needed it to shoot. Water was 50 degrees F. I scrounged up some old, heavily used bands to make it work. It shot really well with minimal recoil as there is so much wood (I want to trim some out to reduce it, actually)

    Lastly, I named it "White Chin" for the primary target, Tautog or Blackfish, also called white chins (prominent when they get big). I will fry these up tonight and have noodles.

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  • I see the picture is up to SB specs, sad to see how the grogan has you guys by the short and curlys. Nice fish and congratz on the new gun Jim. Cool name for the gun BTW, might as well paint some white under the muzzle, may even attract some fish.

  • Jim,

    You will love the reels. Good luck with new gun. Tighten up those wishbones! :D

  • Looks like Padauk? (do you say it puh-dook or puh dawk, emphasis on last syllable? paddock sounds just wrong)

    Is that the pierce grip AR15 adapter to the colt 1911 format? Gun looks tapered from this photo?

    Very nice :)


  • a.)1911 Pearce grips on AR handles. I still need to buy SS screws and a cooler palm grip. It's a little big with 5mm gloves. I won't need them in 2weeks as it warms up significantly.
    ii.) Padauk with Herranen Epoxy. Guy at Woodcraft pronounced it "Pahdook".
    3.) Gun is tapered from the top and was supposed to be an enclosed track, but I accidentally milled it too wide, so it's a mostly enclosed track.
    IV.) The reels will be killer on this gun and the bigger brother. I will add a couple grams of ballast under the line guide after putting the reel on.
    E.) Wishbones will be tightened up all the way, those bands are like 3 years old and I put them together Sunday morning just to get out on the water.

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