Spearfishing Sarasota Area

  • So I am coming down to Florida somewhere around the end of September. I will be there for 7-10 days. Anybody have any recommendations for freedive spear charters, shorediving, or want a dive buddy? Any advice is appreciated. I saw Point of Rocks recommended for shorediving from Siesta Key. Not exciting but at least good for a morning near the condo. I will be staying on Siesta Key, but will have a car. I may head down to Miami, the Treasure Coast or the Keys for a few days if I can make it happen. I am obviously willing to pony up for gas, beer, whatever. I am still a novice somewhat, but have speared in Cozumel, the Baja, and up here in freshwater. I have a Fii class next month so hopefully my diving will keep getting better and better.


  • I can take you out if you would like. Let me know what depth you would be looking to dive in and I can plan something out.


  • Anyone looking for a dive buddy or any other spearfishing or fishing activities in Tampa Bay area or anywhere on the gulf coast text me to the number on my avatar picture. I have all my own gear.

    I am looking for a dive buddy and spearfishing friends in Tampa Bay area. I have all my own gear. Text me to the number on my avatar picture.

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