First two days back in America

  • Got back to America from Grenada on Saturday. Headed out Sunday afternoon for a quick trip. left the ramp at 1pm back by 5. Hit a spot in 45' and another in 60'. Got a 2 man limit of hogfish. with two Red Grouper. Not bad for 3 hours and two spots. Viz was 15' in 60'

    Found this 6" hogfish inside the mouth and belly of that fat RG you see in the top of the pic. It was so big that it barely had the head digested but the tail was still sticking out past it's gills!

    It was a flat calm day with glass running in we were able to open her up and run at full throttle. The sunset was gorgeous and I got some nice shots with the GoPro and iPhone. It was just one of those days you feel blessed to be on the water with cool weather, flat glass water, a cooler full of fish, and good friends!

    Today we went out to 115' to poke some AJ's off a wreck. Ended up with 3 AJ's and a boat load of hogfish! I was able to take some real long shots on those black and white male hogs with my Andre 120 Euro from Nautlius Spearfishing. It was a little bumpy out in the AM, but calmed down enough to 2ft so that it made the ride in really enjoyable.

    Will be editing the footage I got over these past few days and making a video very soon!

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  • Don't you spearfish in Grenada? Should be better than Florida...

    Unfortunately Grenada is like many other Caribbean countries- Severely overfished. Nothing in less than 80' would even compare to what the Gulf Coast offers in 25' in the winter.

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