Another day on the reef

  • Six spearos on the boat. I did a lot of driving picking guys up in the current and hunting for new spots. But when we found the spots we hit paydirt.
    I got three nice muttons. The boys got the rest. We hit one of our glory holes but after 4 or 5 fish we left. Homage to the fish gods. That place is unreal this time of year.
    Jon's a peckerhead. :D He lost my neck weight that my wife sewed for me. But he's a hell of a spearo and he made up for it in fish.

  • You are all peckerheads :D
    I am going to pass the hat around at speardiver and take up a collection for you for A MUCH BIGGER COOLER!! Damn!!! Next time you haul for work on the boat turn your bulkhead seats into bulkhead seat coolers...all my commercial fishing friends over here do that on their pangas

    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

  • Actually we have two coolers. I only put a pic of one. Here's the other.
    I like smaller coolers. Easier to lift on and off the boat. I already broke both fenders on my trailer lifting heavy coolers down. hah.

    I just noticed the spilled yogurt in other cooler. We eat yogurt now. Easy on the stomach. This batch had a somewhat fishy taste though. It opened and spilled ...and had fishy water mix in it twice. We still ate it though. haha.


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  • Nice...those reefs are Full of Fish!!! :thumbsup2:

    Puerto Rico Freedivers!
    Gracia-sub Spearguns!

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