Making a Polypropylene Floatline

  • Great insights on this thread!
    So I got a 90m spool of this local marine rope, in 4mm thickness.

    Now when I think of it, it probably seems a bit thin. However, the break load has been stated at 279kg's (615 lbs). It's got a whole lot of strands in the cross section! It's got this wiry, foam-like core within the diamond braided line. It floats, and seems quite strong. I suppose I have doubts about it because it's quite thin (4mm). I havent caught any large fish with it yet, but it seems good so far.

    What do you guys think about it?


  • If used as a float line I think it will burn like hell itself if a fish runs and you try to hold it... as reel line it is to thick.
    If it is working for you that's all that matters. Does it tend to tangle?

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    George Steele

  • Dude george, It doesn't tangle so much, but sometimes sort of loops over itself... which isn't much of an issue. Seems plenty strong, but I think I'd have peace of mind with a thicker rope of the same type! I believe the super tight braid and core make it stronger than it seems.

    Caught a good sized bream and a sweetlips the other day, didn't really have to even pull on the floatline. But saw some nice king mackerels nearby, which would definitely require some play with the floatline. UAE waters are strange, at the end of the water breakers, near the shore, you can run into anything from smallish snappers, to large barracuda and king mackerels.

    I might just buy a spool of the same line in a different thickness! 8mm maybe? What do you think? The 4mm 90m diamond braided spool was quite cheap and cost me about $10 (35 AED).

    Will let you all know how it turns out!

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