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    I Never had a rust problem with a few stainless steel knives of different brands. I don't even rinse my knife so I get a little surface rust, which can come off with some polishing, but it doesn't affect the functionality so I don't bother. A few good stainless steel knives under $50 here Spearfishing Knife

    I don't wash my weight belt (with knife) either. It's quite ugly to look at. However, I always wondered whether the rust affects the taste of the fish in some way or the other.

    The 787-9 is a really beautiful aircraft!
    You should see the extraordinary interiors.
    Their vision was to make flying an exciting experience again, a far cry from competitors' aircrafts and their previous offerings.
    Large window designs, smooth lines, and dynamic lighting inbuilt onto the mainframe electronics!

    ... Is 'band rot' contagious to other rubber bands?

    I have an old rabitech 16mm rubber that I've cut up and started using as spear tip protectors.
    The old band is sort of sticky and gummy to the touch, band rot maybe?

    I was wondering whether this 'rot' could get transmitted somehow to the newer rubber in the muzzle if the old rubber piece touches the fresh rubbers somehow. I know it's a very silly question, but I was curious whether it happens.

    We are actually looking at the Intex Mariner 4 on the inflatable boat side of our search. It has lots of room and we could hook up a small electric motor if we really needed to.

    A friend of mine has the Intex Mariner 4. It's durable, and strong. But it takes a very long time to inflate! And it's super wide, so an electric trolling motor doesn't push it much at all. He just used it once or twice, and now it's back in the box.

    The reason I suggested the Explorer K2 kayak is because I've seen videos where it's fairly fast on the water (by paddling), and reviews state that it takes approximately 7 to 9 minutes to inflate. I think it's perfect if kayaking alone, or if 2 slim adults use it together.
    I'd strongly advise against the Mariner 4 though, unless you want to hook up a small conventional engine (not electric). way too much time to inflate and a lot of drag!

    With any inflatable, you have to make sure to use tip protectors on your speargun, and be super careful with fish spines and other pointy things. I think that goes without saying! :)

    If you're diving calm waters, and swimmable distances, then you could try an intex explorer K2 (inflatable kayak). It's one of the cheaper inflatables out there, and reviews show that it's as good as a sea eagle inflatable kayak (in terms of speed and tracking).

    Yeah, but I'm sure that a 130cm double roller would have crazy amounts of power for its size.
    Maybe I'm not used to the application of longer guns, because here the biggest sizes I've seen people use within the gulf is around 140cm (barrel length) double rubber (non-roller, of course).
    The most popular roller size here is between 90 to 110cm...