Spearfishing to be allowed in Collier County on June 30

  • Guys, I ran into this article today and thought I would share. Looks like Spearfishing is allowed again in Collier County after more than 60 years:
    Spearfishing to be allowed in Collier County on June 30 » Naples Daily News

    Seems to me the reason they did it is mainly to control the lionfish population. If spearfishing does happen to eradicate their population I often wonder how much worse will spearfishing be perceived by those opposed. I really think nature has its way to balance these sort of situations out. Similar to how a colder than usual winter in 2010 killed most of the invasive Burmese Pythons living in Everglades.

  • I have been following the story. Apparently a local kid really spearheaded the action and got a petition going and presented a logical and cogent argument to some city commissioners who were smart enough to listen. I imagine you have to go pretty far out of Naples to find good bottom but nothing suggests it wouldn't be as good or better than the rest of the GoM

    i like to spear fish

  • I remember being very young (and a lot dumber than now:D) and getting a good lesson about not spearfishing inside this boundary in the early 90s. I was spearfishing (well, in the water with spearguns not catching a thing :atongue:) with a friend who found some culverts off the coast of Naples. It was murky as hell and I swear I could hardly see the end of my speargun with my arm stretched. Plenty of life but couldn't figure out how to shoot them in those conditions. Lawenforcment pulled up to us and was going to give us a break but they said they had to cite us for not having a dive flag :@ the flag pole was up but our flag had blown away. That required a mandatory court appearance and I lived in Miami.

    Case was dismissed and a very good lesson learned early :thumbsup2:

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