Bought a Maco2 CO2 speargun

  • Hey shotmaster,

    Sorry, couldn't help it. That said, as far as I know, the OP's shoulder is back in order and he may not be using the Maco2 much... perhaps he could be convinced to sell?

    But to be a tad more helpful. The Maco2 is a low production volume specialty gun and I think it is only sold directly from Jean Luc, the guy making them.
    Also, post #13 above is from Jean Luc but no clue if he would reply to a PM sent here over using his contact form.

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  • Sorry to hear that. His website hasn't been updated in a long time, either. I hope he is good.

    Perhaps, Virgili can reach out to him for you and ask if he still makes guns?


  • The MACO2 cannot be used in Continental France due to these rules…a-chasse-sous-marine.html

    The general prohibitions include the following elements:

    - Prohibition of hunting for persons under 16 years of age ;

    - The use of any respiratory equipment, whether autonomous or not, is forbidden: the simultaneous possession of breathing apparatus and underwater fishing gear is prohibited;

    - The use of a light hearth designed to attract fish is not allowed;

    - The use of fishing gear whose propulsive force of projectiles uses a detonating element or the expansion of a compressed gas other than by the user himself is prohibited;

    - The practice of underwater hunting between sunset and sunrise is not allowed;

    - Fishing within 150m of tagged vessels or fishing nets is prohibited;

    - It is forbidden to hunt with bottles of oxygen;

    - Selling the product of his fishing is also prohibited;

    - The practice of underwater hunting near swimmers is not allowed;

    - It is forbidden to catch marine animals in gear or nets placed by other fishermen.

  • the expansion of a compressed gas other than by the user is kinda open to interpretation.

    The key words are "other than by the user". If the user manually compresses the gas for the shot then that is OK. Whan pneumatic spearguns are cocked the user compresses the gas already under pressure in the gun to a higher pressure governed by the gun's compression ratio. So that is still a gun powered by manual effort. However the rules assume that muzzle loading a pneumatic speargun is self-limiting as the force required becomes too great for the user to load the gun. What they never envisaged was a hydopumped pneumatic gun, in other words a hydropneumatic gun, which could load against 1,500 psi! Usually the limit is around 600 psi (40 bar), unless you have a gun like this one (at top right of the group).

    The lever operated hydropump is on the right hand side of the gun, at the rear. This gun can easily outshoot a carbon dioxide expellable gas gun, but takes a while to load as you crank the hydropump lever maybe 10 to 15 times. Pre-pressurized to 100 bar they are heavily built to prevent them from exploding, some are constructed of titanium with stainless steel inner barrels.

    Unfortunately the guns are no longer available new as the manufacturer seems to have disappeared, possibly because not enough demand existed for these exotic weapons to justify making them.

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