Bought a Maco2 CO2 speargun

  • I have been considering the purchase of a Co2 speargun (MACO2) for over a year now, and I ordered one yesterday. Cant wait for it to get here. It is the "Grande" model with a 10mm spear. Anyone have experience with a Co2 or air powered gun? I plan on using air for the propellant, and have ordered an apparatus to fill the smaller gun bottle from a scuba tank. Is there any difference in the performance between air or Co2? The dealer said that the air was less likely to damage the o rings, but did not say anything about overall performance.


  • A 1cm spear is like shooting a piece of rebar. If be careful about the spear beating up on small fish. The big boys, you will be ready for with that chunk of steel

    i like to spear fish

  • Used the new MACO2 for the first time today. These fish were no test of the power of this gun. The largest fish was one of those Reds, and it may have weighed 15 lbs. I was surprised that the noise was not as loud as a pneumatic gun, and the aiming is no different than a long pneumatic. The 10mm shaft is propelled thru the water very fast, faster than any gun I have previously owned. I cant wait to use it on Cobia or Amberjack. No recoil, and no excessive amount of bubbles. Learned quickly that the loading valve had to be closed completely or you would loose Co2 after the shot was taken. Surprised to find that the gun floats with the spear out. I am very happy with the purchase, I feel that I am diving with a 30 06 rather than a spear gun.


  • Here' a pic of the slide ring. As you can see, it is large. But, all of the fish that I shot yesterday were complete pass thru shots. (the were all 20lbs or less). I used the co2 because I have not found an apparatus to fill the air tank from a scuba tank. The air tank that came with the gun does not have the little fill port on the side of the nozzle, it has to be filled from the end. all of the scuba/paintball fill stations that I see only attach to the little side nozzle. I took it to a scuba shop and they said that they could not fill it. I am calling the shop that I bought it from and ordering one. I like the idea of filling it myself.

  • Update;

    The co2 bottles that I used on my last trip were filled at a local big chain sporting goods store, and were not filled correctly. I have since had them filled by a competent person, and the change in velocity is significant. I have had some old 5/16 shafts re threaded for use in this gun, but I think that the 10mm may be needed now that I am shooting correctly loaded co2 bottles. At $85, the shafts are not cheap, but I think they would be very difficult to destroy given the diameter and material.

    Plan on spearing an area that we have named "Jurassic Park" this weekend (Sunday) fully intend to try it out on some big surfboard size AJ'S and Lemonfish


  • Hi Keith,
    Why 10mm for the spear?? On fish < 50 Kgs action most important and necessary is the "inhibition" the knock give you 75% more to catch very big fish in best conditions, first one shorten its dead…and prevent loss :)
    Why to put a small motor in a Ferrari :laughing:

  • I would like to make a correction to something that I stated earlier; This gun DOES NOT float if the co2 bottle is full. I had the bottles properly filled, and went diving Sunday. Although the gun is not uncomfortably heavy, it does not float with the spear out with a full co2 bottle. although the conditions were good, I did not score with anything big on Sunday. Got a couple of mackerel, some Mangroves, and 1 Cuda.


  • Hi Keith! any new impressions of a new gun? I'm very interested in this gun, please more information for us from the practical user, how hard to load it?
    Regards. Dmitriy.

  • Dmitry

    This gun loads easily. you slide the shaft down the barrel and engage it to the trigger mechanism, then open and close the valve to charge the gun. I purchased a Beauchat 100m pacific reel with the pneumatic adapter and it fit the gun well. I purchased the gun mainly to replace my 130cm and longer band guns. I have had difficulty loading long band guns since I injured my shoulder several years ago. This gun takes a little getting used to with aiming. Its not like a rail gun, but a lot easier to become accurate with compared to a pneumatic. It is very powerful. the spear has passed completely thru everything that I have shot with it so far, but the largest fish that i have shot with it was a 34lb cuda. I shot Cero's and mangroves with it, and I felt like I was shooting a squirrel with a 44 mag. Anyway, I bought the gun for large fish, and I plan to find some as soon as the wind lays down and I have a break from work

  • That slide ring is crazy! Have you figured out how many shots you can get off of a tank? Very cool thread. Thanks for posting!

  • How many shots can you get with a single bottle?


    Don't know yet, the 24oz co2 bottles that I have were filled incorrectly my first time, and I only shot 6 or so fish my second trip. I know its more than six, I think that Jean Luc said 12 or so.

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