Speardiver spearfishing wetsuits for tall and thin divers

  • I tried out my new 7mm Speardiver suit today.
    Really good build quality, as good a suit as my custom Ellios that I had for years.
    In fact some things are better ie: all the extra protection on the knees and arms. Excellent stitching.
    I've owned lots of suits and I dive very extreme conditions. Today was in a lake up here in Canada; the fish I'm hunting sleep during the day, below the thermocline. The temp is 4C below 7 metres and I was fine. My face still froze so I know the temp is the same :@
    Excellent fit! I'm 6'1", 32 waist, skinny legs and 170lbs if anyone's trying to guess if the suit will fit them. Fits tight, no leaks. Would probably fit an even thinner guy ie 160, 30" waist. Arms and legs nice and long.
    Very reasonable price compared to an Italian custom, plus no measuring and waiting 6 weeks, no huge DHL delivery bill, and no bumraping by customs and those useless brokerages that do nothing but make money.

    Looking forward to getting in the west coast ocean.

  • Thanks for your review Erik. I am of a similar build - 6'1", 32 waist, 170lbs and looking to order a 5mm Speardiver suit from Dan.
    So what is the size of your suit that fits you well? You seem to have left out this important detail...

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