Speardiver spearfishing wetsuits for tall and thin divers

  • Speardiver open cell spearfishing wetsuits in long sizes, offer skinny divers and divers with a long body type great fit and comfort, making unnecessary the expense and uncertainty of ordering a custom tailored suit. Speardiver suits are very stretchy to begin with, and many divers who can't find a suit to fit them from other manufacturers are comfortable in regular size Speardiver wetsuits S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL. The long sizes are specifically designed for divers with long torso and limbs, or thin divers. Typically with these body types, a regular size suit that will fit snugly around the torso and limbs creating a proper seal, will leave the sleeves and pant legs 2"-3" short. Long sizes are available in the Reef, Raptor and Pacific wetsuits .

    Speardiver TALL and THIN Spearfishing Wetsuits

    Pictured diver is 6'6" tall and weighs 235lb, wearing a size XL-Long 3mm Speardiver Reef suit.

    Pictured diver is 6'1" tall and weighs 150lb, wearing a size M-Long Speardiver 3mm Pacific suit.





    The first Speardiver long size suit, Predator size M-L, this pattern is not currently available in long sizes.


  • Quite a few of my buddies in central florida recently bought some 5mm Speardiver suits and are happy with them. Some suits say Speardiver, some say Pursuit. Still waiting on M-L in 7mm.

    Also, will you be getting the 7mm in XL in the predator or sombra patterns?

  • Thanks - I have the 5mm in predator and will be getting a 7mm soon - was hoping to keep same pattern as well as avoiding having same patterns as my dive buddies (one has kanaloa in 5mm XL, another has kanaloa in 7mm 3X another will be getting the M-L in 7mm in pacific when it comes out)

    I think I'll go with pacific xl 7mm

    great suits

    wetsuit open cell freedive tall skinny thin spearfishing suit camo

  • thanks for the pw help Dan

    Any word on future ML 7mm availability, and whether the fit can be extended about 2" overall (arms. legs, torso)?

  • So I am 6'6" and 250 lbs. My suit-coat size is 50 extra long. I wear 38w x 36l pants and usually a xlt or 2xlt shirt will fit.
    What kind of wetsuits are available for someone like me?
    Thanks for any help.
    - Alan

  • I thought that I was a long and thin too until Dan gave me a 2XL to try on and it did fit (wake up call) :-( Awesome suit! By the way I'm 5'12" LOL and 196lbs.

  • Dan, I am 6 foot 3, 167 pounds. I wear a size 32 in jeans. I will be diving in 44-54 degree water for the next month, and want to stay in for extended periods of time. What size would you recommend in the 7mm speardiver suit? I am thinking a large long? Hopefully you have something in stock that works for me.

  • I am 6ft 210 lb guy, Dan suggested the 2 XL suit(as if i didnt feel fat already) :laughing: Anyway he was spot on.
    I dont like to write about gear till i have used it for awhile and got used to it, I find it difficult to like something new so I try to give everything a chance ;)
    This 3mm wet suit is very very warm, it also has so far been very durable( I do follow Dans advice about care and removal). I am pleased with the suit and would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone looking for a wetsuit. I will add some advice I got from Hank as well, dont lube the top(guess this applies to all suits) as once the lube gets on your chest that suit will not sit still for a gun to be loaded on and can be potentially dangerous, i just wet the inside of the top and pop it on, i find wetting my head to be a critical step. when overheating pull on bottom of leg of pants to pump water through bottoms, and to get ready for a piss hahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahha
    Actually I want the 1.5 as well for the fast approaching summer! Good gear! :thumbsup2:
    Ummm i am neither tall nor thin so i guess this needs moving Dan :@:crazy::D

    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

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  • Thanks for the review.

    I use just enough lube to get the suit to slide on easily. Using the right amount of lube comes after a little experience. I no longer use a spray bottle, rather I dunk the suit in water to get it wet on the inside, then squirt a little hair conditioner inside and move it around with my arm. This adds only a small bottle of conditioner to my gear bag rather than a large spray bottle. If after donning it it feels too slippery, I raise up the bottom of the jacket and flush it water.

    You can also put the suit on easily without any lube if you do it in the water.

  • Another question. I'm in st.Pete right now for a few more days. Any leads on any Locals that wouldn't mind another person on a boat? Or share a spot to get some fish?

    Is there a shop locally to check out the suits in person too?

    Power is out on the whole beach right now. Johns Pass to Clearwater, and the room I am in is UNBEARABLE!

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