Staying on Oahu Feb-March. Which town?

  • My fiance and I will be on Oahu for 20 days starting at the end of February. We've narrowed down two places to stay. One is in Hauula the other is in Mokuleia. We both surf, and I wanna dive! We're not sure which town to pick and would love some local input. Thanks Fellas!!!!! :toast1:

  • Mokuleia was a ton of fun when I was a kid. The reefs massive out there from what I remember. There is sky diving and some of the best shaved ice is out there. I haven't been to Hauula. But if your renting a car remember you can get around the entire island pretty easily. Winter time is always good for surf. You will find waves up and down the coast in Oahu. Just depends on the swell direction you might have to drive. Have fun.

  • Mokuleia is pretty good diving in the summer time. North side usually has swells that time of year. Hau'ula has some good garlic shrimp if that helps your case!

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