Which freedive mask for 4yr old boy?

  • I have an new and up coming freedive spearo in training who has now outgrown (and broken his SpiderMan mask). He is now doing 15sec breathholds in 4fsw and says "I need a better freedive mask like hau has". My problem is finding a freedive mask that fits his 4yr old face.
    1. What freedive masks are out there to fit a 4yr old face?

    Thank you in advance for your constructive advice and opinions.

  • I don't know a 4 year old, but my son Alessandro (11) has been using an old fashioned Sporasub Samuray low volume freedive mask for 4 years now and recently changed to a Speardiver Aim mask. It's a matter of trying.

    Either Cressi and Omer use to have a similar model. Omer model was Abyss and our friend Dan has it.

    Marco Melis

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  • I don't think it will be a problem finding a good fitting mask. When Jake was four he just used one of mine. I believe it was a US Divers. And Willy (now 4 1/2) has used a generic one that is a lot like a Tusa Liberator.
    Given that, I'm sure that my Speardivers and a couple generic low profile ones I bought in Hawaii will fit well also. I would look for a soft silicon skirt though just for comfort.
    I seem to have a universal head and almost all masks I've ever tried fit (except for one Riffe that hit the bridge of my nose). I think a lot of masks will fit your son.

    I even found a little pair of fins in Hawaii.

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