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    We lucked out, mainly just trees and signs down and power outages. My power was out for about 12 hours.
    Far as I know, only one boat sunk in one of the harbors.
    Right now there is still hundreds of people in shelters where there is electric and AC.
    Spear on brothers. :thumbsup2:

    Hello my brothers,
    I am safe an sound here on Guam
    Typhoon Dolphin turned left an hit us dead on with 120mph+ winds/rain
    Power is off (12hrs so far)on the whole island cept those who have generators
    My iPhone service is only thing working
    I'll come back here later when we get power
    Thank u

    We still have power and internet now at 0754 May15 here on Guam.
    Hope all my brothers and theirs remain safe through this blow.
    Winds are expected to be 100mph+ later today.
    Wish us luck.

    Austin---IMO, do NOT buy nylon rope as a float line as most nylon lines will NOT float. Polypropylene line WILL float. Some spearos use braided poly from places like Home Depot as cheap/inexpensive float lines.
    hope this helps

    This ^^^ is GREAT news. I bought this mask, (though not mirrored) from Dan over a year ago to mount my GoPro to before any of the current GoPro ready masks were available. I love this mask. IMO it is a very high quality mask that you can see and feel the first time you put it on. I drilled and bolted my GoPro mount on this mask easily and have dove this mask many, many days without one problem and it still looks and preforms like new. NOW I am going to have to buy another one from Dan WITH the mirrored glass cause the fish here can see my eyes from a long way off. I'm sure the mirror finish must be as high a quality as the rest of this mask. Also, the FOV (field of view) is great with this mask.
    Thanks for yet another great product Dan. :hail1:
    hope this helps

    sdeisen---aaaah, you know me all too well brother :)
    Truth is I had to pay a little MORE than retail for #001 from a very nice spearo in the Keys that won 001 at the Blue Wild raffel. Next time we spear together I'll let you fondel 001 all you want. :)

    Chase---all you wrote is correct.
    001 has the Riffe reel on it, (ALL my other guns have Speardiver reels), but 001 seems to be ballisted same as my non-ET Euro 120. I haven't noticed any difference between the two, but of course I have no real tools to calibrate this. I can say that 001 shoots well and that I am a HUGE fan of ET guns. I own and shoot 2 other ET prototype pipe guns. :laughing:

    I been keeping my mouth shut til now. :)
    Just got this official notice from Riffe International.
    Riffe just now released to the general spearin public their new ET (Enclosed Track) Euro. It will be available in 100ET, 110ET, 120ET, 130ET. Also in X series in 100XET, 110XET, 120XET.
    I have serial #001 120ET. The ET is a GREAT addition to Riffes Euro and EuroX line
    More info will soon be available on the Riffe website soon.
    hope this help

    Hello seal,
    IMO SHE would prefer a LONGER gun. :bed:
    But just to make sure, please PM me her address AND I'll ask her if she accepts cash for more than just posing.

    "I only mention this aspect as on the stored energy analysis the rollergun seems to store less energy and has more parts to move than the two band conventional gun."

    This ^^^^ MIGHT b an important statement. :rolleyes1:
    Thank you popgun pete.

    That said:
    I love seals guns, his craftsmanship AND his love of rollerguns. Design passion is what drives many new products and innovations. Levers and wheels may have HUGE potential in spearguns. Levers and wheels even built pyramids back in the day. IMO, unconventional spearguns have great potential in spearfishing. Passionate people like seal, popgun pete, WoodGuy, phil, Tin Man, Dr. Maas, Don Paul, Art Pinder, etc, etc have given spearfishing sooooo much.