Making a spearfishing board from a Bodyboard

  • I like the fact your diving with a flag close to you Dan, every little bit counts. A big AJ may get it down,
    but it wont crush completely till 50' of depth. A fifty pound tuna could make never come home.
    Cheers, Don

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  • Dan, second thoughts about the Shardana. Is a great board to dive from coast, with some exceptions thou. Lately I have been diving, Baja´s Pacific shore from coast, and the first time I tried the shardana there was an epic fail; is too heavy for very strong waves, I dive the waves, I don´t like body boarding them. The best float for that purposes are either my Ra rigid or a life saver can.

    I'm a Speardiver, not a freediver

  • Why would you be diving in very strong waves?

    Hatteras, if I had more free time I'd have liked to build the board out of Divinycel or whatever it is they use to make the tuna boards. Why not, it's already a board so why not make it right for all eventualities. I've thought a lot about the ideal setup for beach diving. The Australians use a sort of floating box with a catamaran base. I thought of a very small kayak. There are really many possibilities because I think no one has done it exactly right yet. Maybe one day I'll get around to it. And in the meanwhile the board with the bungee net is the next best thing.

  • the tension is about too biog and too much drag vs too small and not enoug hroom for gear or bouyancy to fight fish...I actually think the super small yaks are the way to go, esp if you rig them so you don't need to be in them at all, but could if you wanted to(no seat, breakdown paddle stowed inside,etc.)

    i like to spear fish

  • I'd prefer a yak too. That way I could scurry on top of it when a bull comes in. Being that Dan sells powerheads I doubt he's too worried about the taxmen:D

  • I'm as concerned about sharks as everybody, and powerheads are nice to have. One of the main reasons for the board is that it keeps the fish out of the water and is less likely to attract sharks.

    Here are some of the options I was talking about earlier. An Australian production plat, very expensive.

    My idea with the small kayak. These are kayaks for white water and they're tiny, also very expensive as they're specialized. I'd give this a shot as a beach diving platform before anything else if I had money to throw away. I wonder if you can get into one from the water.

  • you can, but you have to flip it over and get in upside down is very difficult to learn, but once you know how it is easy...not conducive to dive activities....

    Dan did you ever see this?

    I love the idea, might not quite do what those aussie things do, but pretty cool nonetheless


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    i like to spear fish

  • I finally got to test out a dive board that I made that almost copies dans design. I have to say it was well worth the small investment in time/money: it tows far easier than a floatball dive flag, is far more visible, and is very useful should I need to remove any of my gear momentarily or rest.

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