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  • Hey guys and gals,

    I've been mostly researching here for a while as I've been stuck in the Midwest. Well, someone finally put me out of my Missouri and we've moved to Palm Harbor.

    So here's my situation. I want to spear fish. I have a pole spear for now. I am athletic and I can swim. I know enough to drag a flag buoy around when I'm in the water. Grew up on a farm, in the country, so I'm used to dangerous tools and dangerous animals. Self-preservation is high on my list.

    That said, can anybody recommend any shore diving locations around here? It seems like most of the public access shores around here would be off-limits due to their being public swimming beaches. I have no boat, so I really need to just start close and learn some skills. So far I have just been snorkeling, observing and stalking, no spear. I will get my FL drivers license this week so I can go get my fishing license right after.
    Please PM if you have a spot you're willing to share with a newbie, as always do NOT post it in the thread.

    Aside from any spots you might share, is there any general information about these waters in/around Pinellas county that you would want to share with a noob? ANY information is appreciated.

    Thanks so much,


  • You should be able to beach dive from any public beach before the lifeguards get on duty which is 9am - 5pm. Im down here by fort Lauderdale and thats how I do it. Now, if your not an early riser then mid-day dives will take more consideration as you will have to locate where these public beaches end and private land begins. Down here there are gaps along the beaches so certain areas are "unguarded" and this is where you can launch from any time.

    Good luck,


    Relax & Go Spearfishing

  • I could be wrong but I think shorediving in the Gulf is much more difficult then here on the SE coast. Most guys in that area run out on boats to the reef. Your best bet is too hook up with one of them. I think most of your diving would just be sand going from the shore.

  • Generally I think frank is dead on. I know people do hunt the bay though.ive heard of yak hunting. The viz is usually horrible but there are huge sheepshead in there

    i like to spear fish

  • Thanks for all the replies, guys!
    I may have to try the bay. It looks like all the parks here (state and county) are off-limits to spearos, but most of them are totally fine with HNL. I guess now I'm looking for somewhere that's not a park, not a designated swimming area, and not covered up with houses....oh, and has a place for me to park without getting towed away....back to Google maps.

    I discovered something interesting the other day at Honeymoon Island about the sheepshead, maybe you all already know this:
    I was digging for seashells in about 3' vis. and suddenly this 14" or so fish is right there. Everywhere I wend, as long as I was stirring up the sand digging for shells, there would be a few of them coming right up to me to check me out.

  • Get in touch if you still around. I have all my own spearfishing gear. I also have a kayak and a small boat good for 2-3 people on nearly flat seas.

    I am looking for a dive buddy and spearfishing friends in Tampa Bay area. I have all my own gear. Text me to the number on my avatar picture.

  • I'm right down south of you in Sarasota/Venice. I can confirm how hard it is to find a beach dive on the gulf coast. If you find any solid spots in your area let me know because I have been driving to Ft. Lauderdale for Beach Dives. It is MUCH more friendly on that coast for spearos plus visibility from the shore is amazing. The problem with the gulf coast is access and visibility. The sheepshead you talk about filter food out of the sand so when you kick up the bottom they will come looking for anything they can eat. Makes it easier for you to find what you're looking to eat too though haha. I am familiar with the palm harbour/Dunedin area and am wondering if you have tried any of the causeways? Those might yield better results for you. If you need a buddy hit me up because it's safer to dive together especially if you're testing your limits. Most of my friends are into the finer things society has to offer so I could use a dive buddy myself.

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