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  • hi all
    just lately i have taken up spear fishing and even though i havent actually been fishing yet ( i dont have all the gear ) even just researching it is awsome but as i said ive really got not much gear ive got a gun (phantom rail gun 1000) and a us diver snorkel set so im just wondering what other gear is essential and where is the best place to get it about the only two things i have been contemplating getting is a knife and a wetsuit also im 14 so i have a budget of max like $200 per item but if i have to go higher i will just have to wait a little longer
    chz logan
    (all posts are appreciated )

  • If you're looking for quality and decent pricing, Speardiver wetsuits are made to please. I have the Sombra 3mil and it has been my favorite wetsuit! I like the fit better than my Riffe ocean mimetic. Spear diver prices are so affordable and the products are quality! The gray Sombra is perfect for the lava rock reef and holes on Big Island and matches perfectly with the boulders and rock ledges we have over here. My suit has been dragged across reef passes, scraped on lava rock entries/exits, with minimal damage. A few tears that have been remedied with good wetsuit glue. Wrist and ankle areas still tight. Good stretch, open cell quality very good, hood and neck areas fit "like a glove."

    My 16 and 19 year old sons try to steal my suit and they own their own Riffe mimetics and Spetton. I tell my sons to make sure that when they consider price to also consider quality. You can also look at used wetsuits. Just make sure the seams are not torn, the wrist and ankle bands are not too stretched out, the inside and outside are not worn through, and that it's clean...seriously! :laughing: Definitely can't go wrong with these suits. IMO best value suits out there.

    Other gear can also be found used. A good wetsuit though is something that you'll be glad to have new. Other gear gets scratched but retain their functionality better than wetsuits.

    Good luck mate!



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  • thanks guys thats awsome im looking at getting the Speardiver Bluewater 5mm Spearfishing Wetsuit
    what do you think by the way how do you know wether or not it will fit. you any way
    cheers guys thanks again

  • also just wondering if im willing to pay a little more for a knife what do you think of either the spora sub commando knife or the Rob Allen X Blade Knife
    thanks again chz logan

  • Logan, good knives will last a long time. A cheaply made knife will be a waste of money and useless after a few dives. The good news is that there are affordable good quality knives available new and used. I like knives that are one continuous piece of steel. So many of the knives that have huge handles end up falling apart. A good strong steel can be sharpened over and over again. A sharp point like a stiletto style knife will allow you to brain your fish without the point bending. Having a serrated edge on a portion of the knife is great for cutting or sawing through tough skin, line, gills, etc. the other thing to think of is that some knives have a "line cutter" on the top portion of the blade for a quick (sometimes live-saving) cut away of line that may have you tangled or wrapped on the reef. You don't need a big knife or blade. A small one will suffice and can be as lethal as a big one without getting in the way. They can be worn on a weight belt, strapped to the inside of your calf, or on your arm for ease of reaching. Make sure you can put a looped band on the handle so you can keep hold of it while managing your fish, gun, shooting line etc. I've dropped plenty knives to the abyss because I've not had the knife bungee around my wrist. Price and quality are not always synonymous. You can find quality knives for a decent price. Once you loose a knife you'll be glad you didn't spend a fortune for it!

    The good thing about brands like Speardiver is that they are designed and used by guys that actually use their gear effectively, without the added price tag of the big brand names. But then again, if you are being mentored by local divers they may have used knives that they don't use any more that they may sell you for a decent price knowing your enthusiasm for learning the sport and waterman way of life.

    This is probably stuff you know, but I thought I would share what has worked for me and my five boys who all dive.



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