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  • Spearfishing wetsuits by Speardiver. Read reviews from spearos around the world. Speardiver spearfishing wetsuits are available at Spearfishing Store.

    These are the current Speardiver wetsuit color patterns. In the following posts you may see some of our past patterns that are no longer made. Speardiver dropped certain color patterns over the years but the construction and proprietary neoprene used in our wetsuits remain unchanged . The one notable difference is the chest loading pad which is now longer downwards to accommodate different preferences for speargun loading position.

    Spearfishing Wetsuit Speardiver Reef


    Spearfishing Wetsuit Speardiver Predator


    Spearfishing Wetsuit Speardiver Pacific

    Speardiver Pacific Spearfishing Wetsuit

    Spearfishing Wetsuit Speardiver Kanaloa

    Speardiver Kanaloa Spearfishing Wetsuit

    Spearfishing Wetsuit Speardiver Sombra


  • I just wanted to describe the Bluewater suit.
    The stitching was the first thing I looked at, the seams all meet evenly and smoothly.

    The cuffs fit really well around my ankles and wrist with a just right feeling.

    I feel like the suit holds on tightly to me but when I move or twist it follows.

    The loading pad is in just the right place and size, and no where else. It is the right size so that I do not feel like I have something stuck on to my chest.

    The elbow and knee pads for some reason are my favorite part of the suit.
    -The pads start at the knee and extend far down the shins.
    -The elbows do the same starting from the elbow to the wrist on the outside of the arm.

    The hood is well a hood and i covers your head. My hair is kinda past due for a cutting now but it still fit well.

    A whole lot of thought went into these suits and it really shows in the final product.

    Thanks to Dan again for having me and taking the time to make sure I got what I needed :thumbup:

  • The suit certainly shows that plenty of thought and attention to detail was put into your suits. Where as some others might have put tiny, cheap, and/or no pads at all in order to save some money. You put the divers needs first physically and financially without compromise to quality.

    Davie Peguero

  • Excellent suit. I am very happy with it. Next best investment next to Speardiver C90 carbon fins. Its feels like no other suit I have used, it feels like not wearing anything at all while still keeping me warm in 68 degree water :thumbsup2:

  • I freedive spearfish in Miami waters (68F and up)
    I use a Speardiver Reef 3mm 2 piece suit.

    I have used my Speardiver suit for 47 days spearing from a kayak for a total of 232 hours and my Speardiver suit looks and works like new :thumbup:

    Not the first seam has come apart.
    Not the first thread has broken
    My Speardiver suit is the best spearing suit I have ever owned in 35 years of spearing.
    I am 5' 10" tall and 175lbs and my XL Speardiver is a little loose on me (thats exactly the way I like it).
    I could go on and on about how good the Speardiver wetsuit is.

  • Got my new suit today. I am extremely happy!

    The suit is well constructed and has one of the better glue-up jobs I have seen on a suit. I was a bit concerned that the suit was going to be too small when I pulled it out of the box, but Dan assured me that the material was very soft and flexible. That was an understatement.

    The cut is VERY nice. I have had an extremely difficult time in the past finding a production suit that fits me well. This is the one of the best fitting suits I have tried on in. Of course the attibutes are to the neoprene that is used. Definitely one of the softest and more flexible neoprenes I have tried. That can be a double edged sword though; usually these tend to compress quickly and lose their thermal properties within a year of HARD use. I have paid much more for suits that weren't as well constructed as this. I look forward to putting the suit to use.

    Thanks Dan, for providing quality gear at an affordable price.

  • I just got mine a couple a few days ago. Its a 3 mm Green camo. The attention to detail is equal to none other wetsuit I've owned. The loading pad is in the right place and is big enough to accommodate guns with loading butts or without. I guess I am part of the lucky bunch that don't have problems with off the shelf wetsuits and sizing so this one fits like a glove. The neoprene feels really good, super soft and elastic almost like wearing a chickle wetsuit. I am sure the knee and elbow pads will come really handy. I am very happy with the purchase. I can't wait to go back to FL.

  • Being an island boy... diving in Northern California is brutal.
    Water temperatures range from 45-55 degrees YEAR ROUND!!! :@

    I'm a wuss when it comes to the cold, so I take my wetsuits very seriously. Curious about the new Speardiver suits, I sent a quick PM to Dan. Before long, a prototype Speardiver 7mm wetsuit had arrived at my doorstep! :D

    First impression - nice suit. Pattern is a bit more olive than I expected. Not a negative in the least, just a random observation. The camo is abstract and a good distribution of light/dark values. Wetsuit panel cuts are ergonomic and construction appears to be solid. Love the knee & elbow pads... I'm hard on my gear & the knees are the first place wear shows. Neoprene looks good, but most open cell suits are made of good material nowadays, so ocean-use will be the real test.

    The weekend arrived and I met up with a buddy to hit Big Sur. A beautiful stretch of remote coastline just south of Monterey, Big Sur is a stark contrast to the hustle & bustle of Silicon Valley. Upon arriving, we decided to try a new shorediving entry.

    Kicking out with a bodyboard float, we worked various reefs and pinnacles. The visibility ranged from 20-30ft. The water temperature... a brain-freezing 47 degrees! :crazy:

    Despite the freezing cold, the fish were still around. Small herds of female sheephead circled curiously. Schools of blue rockfish clouded the mid-water column while perch milled near the bottom. With a wide assortment of game around, I took my time to explore the grounds thoroughly.

    A couple lingcod were found deep in cracks and carefully extracted from their respective caves. A surprisingly skittish vermillion rockfish played hide & seek with me... but half a dozen dives later, it made a fatal mistake. Despite the smaller female sheephead being friendly, a male sheephead lurked in the distance and wouldn't come close. Breathing up & tucking up under an outcropping, I lowered my head and waited until the male sheephead's curiosity got the better of him. Slowly lifting my gun, I put it to sleep. Gutted the fish in the water & snapped a couple pics.

    On the way in, I found a shallow fishy spot. A few quick dives and I finished off the stringer with a pair of olive rockfish. Here's a short vid of the last fish of the day. Was just doing a short dive with camera to check out the schooling perch & the fish surprised me. Had to settle for the safe gillplate shot.

    When we got to shore, I realized that I had spent over 8 hours in the 47degree water! Lots of exploring, a bit of shooting, & some photo/video work... definitely one of my longer shoredives. I did get a bit cold, but I can guarantee that if I was using my 7mm Picasso Ghost... I would've been out of the water in half the time. The Speardiver prototype suit worked great & from a features/fit/construction standpoint... I'd say it's in the top 10percentile of open cell suits I've used.

  • I've used the Speardiver 7mm suit for about a half dozen dives & it's definitely one of top3 for warmth that I've ever tried. :)

  • I received my new Speardiver Blue Camo 5 mil wet suit on Fri afternoon and I'm very impressed but not surprised with the quality :thumbup: Usually with a new suit I go over every stitch and glue down any loose threads.
    Well this suit had none, the build quality is far better then any custom suit I have ever owned.

    I'm looking to get back to the blue water next week to show it to some fish, and take some pictures. Thanks Dan for a great product.

    Cheers, Don

    "Great mother ocean brought forth all life, it is my eternal home'' Don Berry from Blue Water Hunters.

    Spearfishing Store the freediving and spearfishing equipment specialists.

  • ...I'm very impressed but not surprised with the quality :thumbup:...the build quality is far better then any custom suit I have ever owned.
    Cheers, Don

    I would have to definitely agree...after getting out in the suit many times this summer, the suit still looks and feels like brand new. I am so impressed by the quality and craftsmanship. Regardless of water conditions, I am always comfortable in this suit. Thanks again Dan for going above and beyond to ensure you are providing your customers with the best possible product on the market.


  • I really like this suit and where the anti abrasion pads are located. You guys have my word if I ever have a
    Speardiver product that I feel doesn't meet the mark in terms of quality, Dan and you guys will be the first to know.
    Dan has been so through before bringing a product to market I doubt this will ever happen .

    Cheers, Don

    "Great mother ocean brought forth all life, it is my eternal home'' Don Berry from Blue Water Hunters.

    Spearfishing Store the freediving and spearfishing equipment specialists.

  • Most that know me well know that I'm not into talking gear and generally do not even open up threads that address new equipment, reviews or specifics. I just find it boring and as I've been at this thing for a while, I have identified brands that work for me and generally don't have reason to change or "upgrade" my current equipment. You can say, I'm a bit closed minded for these sort of stuff:).

    All this being said, I have purchased quite a few items from Speardiver, including today's 5mm wetsuit. Without blowing any smoke up anyone's arse or coming across like a brown-noser; I was extremely impressed with both the quality and price of my purchase earlier this morning. I have used custom wetsuits exclusively now for over six years. I like my Elios suits and have had no complains. However, they are custom made and carry this price tag along with a hefty shipping cost. After today, I think I may switch over to a different brand.

    The suit fit me just as good as my custom-made ones. I did not notice much difference in design between them, infact, it felt as if I was putting on my 3mm custom Elios at home. Range of motion felt as if I had a rashguard. No tightness and easy to put on. There are a few things I would change, but as I told Dan, they are just preferences for my taste as opposed to "deal breakers". I mostly purchased this suit for my upcoming trip to Spain, but surely will put it on when diving the cold thermoclines in our winter or heading over to the west side of Florida during winter months. My 3mm will continue to be my bread n' butter, but feel very content to add this 5mm Speardiver to my repertoire.

    I hope to have a review after I've had it in the water, but feel very certain this suit will be durable and last for sometime to come. When time comes to replace my current 3mm custom, I will be making the drive down south once again.

  • Picked up a black Speardiver wetsuit from Dan a few weeks back, I am 5'10" 180 and the size L fit nicely. Got suit in 3mm and look forward to using it once this weather dies down :(

  • OK, I just received and tried on my new "Predator" Speardiver 5mm suit.

    I've used and tried on a LOT of suits and I can honestly say this is the most comfortable 5mm I have ever tried on. Soft and stretchy don't even begin to describe how comfortable it is. It feels extremely well made and the cut is spot on. The only thing I can compare it to is my 3mm SporaSub. Again it's a 5mm and feels like a 3mm in regards to comfort. I have a 5mm Spora but it was one of the first produced and the material is MUCH more stiff,, and is now for sale:D

    Dan, thank you for offering such a top notch product.

  • Dan, got my new suit last week and love it! Thanks for offering such a top quality suit for cheap...it's the softest and most flexible I have ever worn. I got the 3 mil and it feels like a 1.5 mil or 2 mil suit. I dove in 62 degree water for 30 minutes without getting cold and after taking the suit off was surprised to find I was barely wet! I'm 195lbs and 5'101/2 and the large fits me like it was custom made. I would recommend this confidently to anyone. Thanks again :thumbup:

  • Dan,
    2 guys showed up on my boat yesterday with your 5mm suits. They look awesome and appear to work really well. I was quite chilled in my closed cell 3mm with a hood. Gamble was toasty in his 5mm, and Dave was so hot, he had to keep letting water into it to cool down. And the blue mimetic was invisible 30ft down!!
    I want one badly. I tried the XL top on and it seemed to fit fine, but I normally wear a L.

    I'd like to get a 5mm XL top, and a 5mm and 7mm L bottoms in the blue mimetic.


  • Just bought one of theses suits and easily the best fitting most flexible suit I have tried in that price range. Im hoping to try it out tomorrow Ill past my review when I get a chance. Dan was really helpful and I cant wait to try it out.

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