Point of Rocks, Sarasota FL

  • So I've done two recon dives here and have seen plenty of fish. However I have never speared there and I am planning on spearing there for my first time this Easter Sunday for sheepshead. I am a spearfishing novice. I have all required gear and licenses. Does anyone have any advice or pointers for this location? Are sharks an issue here?(going to swim my catches to shore) To my understand and from what I've gathered is Point of Rocks is a pretty safe, good spot to learn the art of spearfishing. However I am nervous and looking for reassurance. Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks. I'm sure someone will chime in once they get back from spring break.:D

    Cheers, Don

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  • This is a fairly good spot to get your toes in the water. I started out there and the biggest problem is parking and getting your gear to the point of entry. I would suggest planning ahead to accommodate for this. However I have been able to dive from the spot with ease when the right conditions are present. First off, avoid high tourist traffic times, second call 941-232-2437 which is a beach quality service. When you call the number it will give you a list of counties and beaches to choose from, select Sarasota County and then select Siesta Key beach. This will give you a visibility report, don't bother to go if it's dark. Moderate may still be workable but your best chances are under clear conditions. This information can also be gathered here: Beach Conditions Reporting System. If you are smart about choosing your conditions you will have a much better time fishing. You will have the opportunity to shoot a wide array of fish, I have shot sheepshead and mullet there. I have also seen a barracuda there but just a small one. There are a lot of other fish you can eat at the location but you will have to search for a sizable fish. The biggest problem you will encounter is actually depth, it is very shallow during low tide so go during high tide to maximise your conditions. During low tide people walk on the rocks that are usually submerged so your hunting area is severely limited. If you are fairly adventurous you can swim all the way down south towards turtle beach and into some deeper areas, it's not actually that hard to get to and very safe as long as you have a dive flag! There are some crazy jet skis sometimes which is why I hug the rocks. Don't worry about sharks, you won't be bothered by them at all. Again figure parking out first because that's the hardest thing about the spot, there's only one parking area with easy access to point of rocks and it's right after you cross the bridge to get on the key to the left. You'll see a very easy to miss alleyway with angled parking on only one side. That's the only place to park. Let us know how you did!

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