New Pelengas Carbon Tank multi-form pneumatic speargun

  • Displayed at the Moscow Dive Show held recently, the new Pelengas pneumatic gun with a carbon fiber hull as the pressure tank and gun body. Here the staff are having a bit of fun for the camera!

  • Now on sale the 120 cm model.

    PNEUMATIC VACUUM SPEARGUN PELENGAS CARBON 120 created for spearfishing in salt water on captured species of fish. As standard, a harpoon with a diameter of 7 mm (according to all tests with such a length of the harpoon is enough to shoot large fish at a long distance), this gun is balanced perfectly under a harpoon with a diameter of 7 mm and the pneumatic vacuum cuff is precisely for this diameter of the harpoon. If you want such a gun with a harpoon of 7.5 mm, tell us after paying for the goods, and we will modify the muzzle and replace the cuff suitable for the harpoon of 7.5 mm.…20pelengas%20120%20carbon

  • The new gun has a maximum allowable operating pressure of 40 atmospheres, so must have a thick wall tank and therefore it ain't no eggshell! The gun has a different shape now than was shown on the earlier photos.

  • This is the extension loader which has elastic covered cords to assist dragging the top loader back. Once you can get your hand on the top loader then you can push the spear into the gun's inner barrel from there.

  • These guns have a rear inlet valve cap which you need to unscrew to add air with the hand pump or to depressurize them for air
    transport (officially anyway as it seems very few actually do check). The curved slot in the cap requires a coin to unscrew it, but the molded threads in the plastic cap make it tight to undo the first few times until they wear in. This el-cheapo vise grip clamp does the job in turning the coin very easily and not slipping out of the slot if you press slightly inwards as you undo the cap. Use a screwdriver and you will tear up the slot because it is curved in depth.

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