Spearfishing in Azores

  • Hi! I will be travelling to Azores by the end of this summer (August 31 to September 13) and would like to do some spearfishing while there. I will only be visiting Sao Miguel and have never been in the Azores before. I am not a beginner, but not an expert either. I usually go spearfishing only once a year during the summer; last year I did the Mediterranean, and the year before that I did Bali. Any tips for spearfishing in Sao Miguel Island? I have read that it is better not to rent a charter, but rather spearfish along the coastline because the islands lack of a continental platform. Is there anybody on the island that I could spearfish with? any spearfishing groups in Sao Miguel?

    I will only be taking a small Omer spear gun with me. It has a reel, and it is somewhat powerful, but I am obviously not planning on spearing big game. As I said before I am not an expert.

    Thank you!

  • Hello from the azores.

    I have only just became a member and this goes a bit late, but if you have some questions about spearfishing in the azores i can help.

    i live in Faial Island, and been doing coastal spearfishing for about 4 years. Want to start blue water next season.


    Salt water runs in my veins.

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