• Hello all :)

    Im new to the forum, been a member for a few days, but only today i reminded to make a introduction post.

    Im from Faial Island in the Azores, and been spearfishing for about 4 years. next season i want to start doing some blue water and luckily get some wahoo or mahi :P

    The fish i catch are mostly for my meals and to give some to my family. i believe in being responsible in your shooting not only shooting to kill and leaving no wounded fish behind ( altho it happens), but also to take what you want on sustainable amounts and not being greedy. i'd rather have one big fish instead of several small ones.

    Anyway, im looking forward to share experience and information about spearfishing, and if any of you ever come to Faial in the Azores, give me a ring so we can go get some dinner 8)


    Kyle Vieira

    Salt water runs in my veins.

  • Well if you ever come to the azores one day, im sure you will love it. Lots of challenging species to spear and very tasty too. A simple coastal dive can provide wide range of species. and almost no sharks :)

    Salt water runs in my veins.

  • Only the dusky grouper Marco. Its a protected species. the rest of the grouper family is free to catch.:)

    Salt water runs in my veins.

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