What would be your choice among these guns?

  • What would be your choice among these spearguns? 11

    1. Riffe competitor (0) 0%
    2. Riffe Standard (2) 18%
    3. Rob Allen railgun (3) 27%
    4. Rabitech stealth (2) 18%
    5. Aimrite Venom (1) 9%
    6. Other (3) 27%

    Riffe Comp
    Riffe Standard
    Aimrite Venom
    Rob Allen

    What would be your pick and why?

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  • Interesting question. First I wouldn't pick any of those and rather would make a gun to my specs. But if I could only have a gun from those you listed my reasoning would be as follows.

    I like to hip load so that right away disqualifies everything but the Riffes because competitor series also comes with butt extension. Of the two I would go with the competitor series because it's lighter and is perfectly capable of handling two 5/8" bands and a 7mm shaft which is all I need for fish up to 50lb. If I was consistently going for bigger fish I would consider the standard series with a 5/16" shaft and two 5/8" bands plus one 9/16" bands.

    Of course the first thing I'd do is get rid of the safety and the handle and put a custom handle on the gun.

    That will make the gun usable for me but not ideal. I prefer a length between the C3 and C4 with two holes rather than a band slot which will give me a couple of more inches of band stretch. I also prefer a shaft with a single tab closer to the mech which gives me another inch of band stretch.

    IF I could chest load I would go with an Aimrite because it has a steel trigger mechanism. See my post on the RA trigger mech, I couldn't believe it when I saw it. The only thing I would do to the Aimrite is get rid of the safety.

    I'm not too concerned about accuracy. If the gun has a solid trigger mech that won't fail and it's not overpowered any one of those should shoot straight.

  • I like the Riffes too. The lever safety of the guns is a hassle tough, how do you get rid of it?

    I'm a Speardiver, not a freediver

  • On the competitor series the handle is held on with two screws. Remove the screws and the handle pops off. You will see the safety bar seated in its groove. Just take it out and replace the handle and screws. Should be the same for the standard series.

  • I voted Rob Allen railgun. I had a 120 Tuna and just loved it.

    I must say that I also have a C3X and An Amirite Venom 130 Carbon.

    Rob Allen is the best gun for your money (IMO).

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

  • Who can make a custom handle for a Riffe comp or standard?

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  • I like your last series of avatars monster, el mataleon.

    If you have some wood working skills you can make it yourself, I posted a thread on it here http://spearfishing.world/spea…od-speargun.html#post2366

    WTG man, Excellent stuff!! i will get that info to a good carpenter. Tvm

    El mataleón, the most effective and devastating choke of Greek wrestling. aka Pancracio :D

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  • I never knew the exact reason why it's referred to as mataleon except for the obvious effectiveness of the choke. Your pic prompted me to do a little searching. Turns out these depictions represent the biblical story Samson killing the lion.

    While most of them are are classical in the sense they show Samson tearing the lion's jaws apart.

    The better ones show a more realistic albeit improbable mataleon choke.

  • Those pics are sick!! great stuff. But in my avatar is Heracles (Hercules) cause the pot is not from the hebrew culture but from the Greek´s . The second one is the best cause it´s a triangle choke. (improbable as it is) great stuff nevertheless, it fascinates me ...I would like to make some shirts or a personal design out of the concept. Like a MMA club or something. Now i am thinking...Remember the Ortiz - Shamrock controversy pertaining the so called " Lion´s DEn" it´d been great that somebody came up with this stuff hehehe.

    I'm a Speardiver, not a freediver

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  • Interesting that you'd say that. I was thinking the same thing as I was posting them. Particularly the stone relief one. I don't know however how many MMA guys are as sentimental as you and I and would find the design appealing.

  • IF I could chest load I would go with an Aimrite because it has a steel trigger mechanism. See my post on the RA trigger mech, I couldn't believe it when I saw it. .

    Hey Dan,
    The Apex line by Rabitech also has a stainless trigger mech. In fact, the composite trigger was the reason I decided against RA's. Although, in their defense, I know plenty of people who shoot them and have not had problems with failures. For me, I just like the added security of stainless. I must say though, that in my opinion, there is no better outfit than Rob Allen for top quality gear at prices which seem to be half of what competitors charge. Cheers to them for that. Case in point: the heavy duty 30L double bladder inflatable float that I think I paid around $75 for and the 200CM heavy duty gun bag which was $50.

    edit: just noticed that the Stealth was the Rabitech railgun in the poll. sorry for the derail.

  • Ryan, On a recent dive trip there was an RA gun failure. The gun discharged on its own. It was one of the newer guns with the blue handle. I think it's very important that we be aware these things. I don't enjoy calling out a manufacturer but I also can't stand by and let it slide. I repeat a trigger mech is not the place to save a couple of $$ in manufacturing costs. Kudos to Rabitech for doing it right.

  • I was on that trip, but it wasn't my RA that discharged. My next gun purchase will have all stainless trigger mech components. I have another strike against RA; a 6.5 mm euro shaft will discharge if you twist the shaft. The shaft will rotate from being locked in by the sear. The 7mm shafts are wide enough to prevent the rotation. I think I will actually get some pictures....tomorrow.

  • DaN I am derailing my own post!!

    http://www.davidvs.com/foros/topic.asp?TID=766 :D

    I think Riffe is superior in the long run. You may get spearguns that performs just as well for a fraction of the cost. At the end you end up paying for what you get:

    Teak: Lasts forever and looks great
    SS trigger mech: It will never fail you and will give you a sense of confidence
    no plastic components: apart of the tough handle.
    open muzzle: better aiming point
    SS components: Very tough and durable
    Very powerful: You may put an extra band or two if you want

    I'm a Speardiver, not a freediver

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