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    I doubt that was "shark blood" on the spear.

    The hand push of his gun in the video to get that much penetration? All the water to wash off the fresh blood on the tip. The Blood looks baked on from the Sun.

    The toe injury, did he lose a fin? I'm glad he is safe and got through it.

    but, I might have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night watching Forensic Files. ROFL

    Stumbled into this Operation as they visited a Local wreck this weekend, Live feeds are pretty Cool. Audio of what they are doing and questions answered too. Watch the schedule and check it out.

    Quad | Nautilus Live

    " Exploration Vessel Nautilus is equipped with some of the latest technological systems, helping to advance the frontiers of ocean exploration. Primary capabilities include science class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), high-resolution seafloor mapping, and real-time satellite transmission of data. "

    I got the paralyzer John, it looks great! Aaron sent me an adapter for the spear as well. Everything's packed for our trip!

    Great. Aaron was in a time crunch so this was easy answer.

    Surprised he didn't have me send adapter. He must have had one kicking around in his box of goodies.

    I actually logged in to see if you got the tip ok, and saw the post. Seems like I just mailed the other day.

    I totally agree with this statement. I will say that "shooting cobia off of bulls" is a broad statement and could range from fairly safe to dumb as hell depending on the situation. I hope the diver recovers quickly.

    A news story is not just about the facts. Nice to see you guy spotting the political agenda hidden in story.

    I saw that statement as a way to say the spearo deserved the bite.

    Perhaps what he was doing was "pushing it", not enough info for me to know.

    Diver hospitalized after shark bite during spearfishing trip -- West Palm Beach

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) -- A spearfishing trip left a diver injured and hospitalized after he was bitten by a shark.

    According to rescue crews, the victim, who is in his 20s, was spearfishing about two miles out from shore when he was bitten by a shark multiple times in his arm.

    Paramedics arrived on the scene of the Sailfish Marina after a boat carrying divers brought the shark bite victim to shore. Officials rushed the victim to the hospital shortly after. "He probably got bit pretty hard," said witness Marc Linsky. "The guy was laying on the floor and he was bleeding, I think from his shoulder. And within seconds, a bunch of police officers and EMT guys came and pulled him out, put him on a stretcher and gauzed him up."

    Firefighters believe the diver was bitten by a bull shark. They said he was spearfishing for cobia, a fish that follows sharks hoping to eat scraps. This time though, the fisherman himself became the prey. "You could see the blood was coming through the gauze and they literally carried him off of the boat and then they wheeled him out and put him in the ambulance," Linsky said.

    Experts said that spearfishing is one of those activities that can draw the attention of sharks because of the movement and the blood in the water.

    The victim is extremely lucky he was bitten in his arm, but as of now, his injuries appear to be extensive. He is currently being treated at the hospital.

    The victim's name has not been released.

    Hitchhiking Lings is common, I've had it happen a few times with a fishing pole.

    I had one hitchhiking on a Rockfish that I shot with a speargun long ago. Not a huge one, but got two fish and was very exciting to stick the ling-cod before he could get away.

    The contoured knurled Ring Grip took me a while to figure out. I had an old design that was fine, I just wanted the airplane wing look and feel. Had to make custom forming dies and heat treating them. That stage was same time frame when George was on the Wait list.

    Made a few other type dies before, forming the Stainless balls on Cables was a fun one. Designing the tooling to make stuff is much more "fun" than just cranking out parts.

    Here's a great example of outstanding customer service and commitment to quality.

    Aaron sends me a text a couple days after I received my spear and said a couple customers have paralyzer st hat have bent too easily. He explains that he was using tines that were annealed and not he is making me another head. I haven't even used the spear yet, and he could have easily let me go off to Belize to find out the facts for myself. This kind of service wins loyalty and return business. Aaron is top notch.

    I'll post some pictures in a couple weeks....we are in SC and I didn't have time before I left. But it's an awesome little spear. 5' custom 2 piece and I ordered an extra band, flopper and the paralyzer.

    Heard about that one earlier. Vendor sent him wrong material and he didn't catch it. He has a Q/A deflection test on new material now. Easy to get tricked reading label.

    When you order metal you have options as to what state the metal is in.

    "Spring Steel" is a term mis-used alot. sometimes it's called music wire, This can come is stainless steels as well along with the carbon steel. So many different types out there.

    Think about how the metal is formed. If its a cold process that metal will be stronger, if it's hot it will be softer. You also have all the different heat treating processes.

    I know, Too much information.. lol

    Yep, That is the Aaron Crist I know.

    We are competitors in the PoleSpear Market, but it does not stop him from communicating with me on a variety of topics. Spearfishing and machining tools are alway top of the list.

    Had a Buddy looking for a specialize threading tool, Aaron found one locally to him and hooked him up. He's a big fan of Aaron now.

    It's a great relationship that is beneficial to both of us. Recommending him to others is easy to do as you explained so well.

    Look forward to seeing what he put together for you.

    Great concept. Magnets. NIce.

    If you like electro-magnetic fields you will love a Railgun. Still want to make one of this in my spare time.

    Google it if you have not heard of it.

    Still want to make a High Voltage Taser spear tip. Battery technology has gotten so much better, makes this more plausible. 3/4" pole spears provides the room needed to package it up. This will be a George Toy for testing after he signs legal release. lol

    Some of my best spearfishing buddies are RAVING about these poles and smashing records with um... worth a hard look. Neritic pole spears.
    My pole was custom built by John of linghunt polespears... its a beast!! and sooooo versatile. Check him out, problem with him is he is always got a back log since he is the best ;)

    LOL, I'm faster when the setups don't require every bell and whistle I'm in process of designing.

    George, Got some new goodie I think you will want to have. Been working on a slip tip that utilizes magnetics as well, has two magnets and switches poles so it ejects the head on contact. More of a packaging issue now.

    I think Aaron Crist has been proto-typing with small magnets, we had dialog on that many moons ago.

    Anyhow lots of good polespear options out there, Competition is tough, but that provides higher quality products with better cost for the customers. Capitalism in its best form.

    A polespear customer of mine sent me this one, he stumbled on it in web browsing.

    He asks how in the hell does that happen?

    Thought of a caption.

    " Man I was so close to getting that trophy fish. my diver buddy was almost in the way but he stuck his nose in where it did not belong and cost me that nice fish. I knew I could clear him had he not turned his head "

    Any other clever captions out there?

    I would believe it possible. Maybe this particular story has other motives, but stupid is really common out there.

    (e.g. True Story from back in the 80's , One of my high school buddies was out hunting deer. He was walking back across the mesa to his truck, some f%$^ing idiot with a rife had a bead on him. He was waving his arms back and forth and wearing a flaming Orange vest and Orange Hat. The guy dropped the rifle down once he was in shouting range from my friend. This idiot claimed he thought he was a deer, as he received a verbal beating )

    Hello,I dive reefs that are right off my local beaches in martin county.And I want to start using a pole spear but I dont want to spend alot, so which pole spear and what size would be good for this.

    Don't want to spend a lot? You can do better for cost vs quality.

    DIY pole can be lowest cost, Be happy to help if you want to make your own pole with less $$ investment and more elbow grease on your side.

    E.g. < College Kid, under $50 for making his own pole. I didn't sell him a pole spear, but made a good friend in helping him out. He decided to outfit his pole with my tips >

    Hopefully post school-days he can write software for me. :)