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    Welcome. Having, in my younger days, been able to dive around the world much like you - free diving simplifys the equipment and the pleasure and exploration is great. Much easier to travel without heavy scuba gear - even sans tank. Welcome and share your exploits.

    Probably again someday. I just have to make enough money to put my two little ones through Harvard Medical School. :cool2:Then maybe back to Belize and spearfishing….if I can still dive. :confused1:

    Every time I moved to someplace new in my life, it never turned out the way I thought….so, we'll see.

    Hank- the move is permanent? Didn't you just build a house in Belize? Are you starting a new family in Vietnam? :nono::nono::laughing3::laughing3:

    How us the diving in Vietnam? Should be great I would think :thumbsup2:

    Yeah but a chick like that is going to want more then beer,;)

    My chick (wife) called and said shes taking me out Sat for Sushi and drinks for my birthday, I told her ''I can buy 2 cans of glue for my boat for what your going to waste on tuna and Sake''.....she just doesn't get it.


    Happy birthday Don - enjoy the sushi and sake. :thumbsup2:

    Beauties and so good eating.. I used to spear a lot of those in my youth. I had one spot always poor viz and lots of sharks but a particular point always held BIG snook. 25-30 pounds and often bigger. Viz was so bad and with their coloring - all you saw often was the black stripe . Fun. :cool2:

    I'm not a real hunter like you guy's... I live in Montreal... so no sea near my home:-(....
    Dan, let's say in US. I will hunt in lakes most of the time, and twice a year in ocean. I don't want to pay more than 250$. I want easy access for parts.
    No wood, no carbon, juste a good classic gun for pleasure. Good quality ( I hate Beuchat) and I'm really not sure about Mako ?
    Cressi, Omer, Sporasub...??...

    Right up your alley with great customer service

    Speardiver Phantom Speargun

    You are making me feel old since these are all familiar to me from the early days. I never saw the mask with "equalizes" in person but remember seeing it in magazines. But what brought a smile to me was the loading of the Spring Gun. I had two Italuan Spring Guns (Might have been Spanish) one was about 5feet long other was maybe 7 feet in length. I was small and light and could never load either one with the provided loader with handle on my thigh - so I had to get out of the water and load them like the photo shows - place heavy thick shaft point down on boat deck or reef or rocks and bounce speargun until the shaft caught. Wish I still had them but Don Paul has a few still. :)

    Boy does that bring back memories. :thumbsup2:

    I remember owning that book in early 50's and I probably read it a hundred times. Wish I had all of my early books and magazines

    Great find!!!

    Look forward to seeing the photos as it comes together.