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    You take that diving? It's a fricken antique. How much is it worth?

    Haha - I have no idea.

    Yes - I sure do - but learned not to wear it when I'm lobstering - crystal gets pretty beat up.

    I paid USA $100.00 from U.S. Navy Ship store in 1965

    I paid USA $1,400 yesterday to have it repaired, cleaned and new crystal.

    Have had it cleaned, oiled with new crystal twice before. Once in Switzerland once in Singapore. This time in Dallas.

    Crystal gets pretty scratched up easily - but yes it was meant to wear/use.

    Been literally around the world, above the arctic circle, and most oceans and seas.

    Will pass it on to my son when I kick the bucket.

    Interesting and revealing thread in lots of diverse ways.

    Maybe not good - but for me, since I started in the 40's, spear fishing is naturally a solo sport

    You can only rely on yourself

    Having said that - frig the watch (except like Don to tell when it's lunch time) only safe way to dive is know yourself, dive within your limit, and listen to your body.

    To me these course only teach you to dive deeper and longer.

    Is that what our sport is about?

    Not IMHO.

    Just saying

    Jon - thanks for sharing your story. That was damn close. I've been following the back and forth here and at Chris's forum. I think all of us need to read your story (very well expressed and articulated) then take time to reflect on it and the life saving message about knives especially. I had never tested my knife - and don't often carry one.

    Thanks - you have made a lot of us think!

    Not unheard of. I shot a very large Cubera in the head with a RIFFE No Ka Oi with slip tip at close range in Panama on my last trip and it shrugged it off like nothing. And not the first time either. Common refrain.

    It is a tough one Marco. But if there were 40 other guys with your skills here, it could put a hurting' on the cubera populations. It is a special place these three months of the year.
    Gladden Spit, to the south does the same thing in March April and May. Huge snapper spawning....dogs and cuberas I think....and that's why the whale sharks show up every year. They graze down the eggs as they spawn. I think they should open a season on whale sharks, to tell you the truth.... so we'd have more snappers....goddammmit....:laughing:

    Happy birthday youngster! :thumbsup2:

    Is there a peak season and way I could plan ahead to take my family to see the spawn AND swim with the Whale Sharks in clear water? We did the Whale Sharks in La Paz but would be even better in real clear water. I'm really tied up with work and planned family trips along with a solo backpacking trip to the wilderness (Montana) this year but maybe Belize next year for the spawn & Whale Sharks :). Any commercial operators operate out there to the spawn?

    Have a great birthday!

    Marine preserves are critical for the future if we want our kids to enjoy our sport in the years ahead. More the better as long as they leave areas to take fish. It's a win win situation. :thumbsup2:

    No respect for States sovereignty anymore George. Pretty much the the issue around the world as the over fishing depletes the resources locally making the fishermen seek new fishing grounds to feed their families.

    Sad and will continue to worsen as resources get depleted worldwide.

    On an unrelated note - on long stretch of travel teaching and hotel rooms suck - but at least it's Shark Week. Stay out of da Shark House :laughing: