Spanish Cay May 2010

  • I went over with another couple from Orlando. They went with me last year around this same time, and it was really the only experience they had fishing and diving. They were a lot more relaxed in the water this year and spent some time snorkeling.

    We had good weather. Most of our diving was done from the beach in an soft bottom inflatable whose bottom fell off -- it still gets the job done.

    I got these two hogs with in 5 minutes being in the water -- they were swimming together and they stuck together as I was sticking them. 20 feet of water or so. I think the last trip, the largest hog was a few pounds -- needless to say the couple was impressed with these guys.



    We also went out on someone's boat and he caught his first fish. not a bad way to start his fishing career. While we were along the weed line, i saw a massive triple tail. Jumped in the water with a 3 pronger...they have tarpon like scales which i did not know...after multiple times hitting him and getting no where i gave up. If i had to do it again, I would have just taken video of the poor guy. They are like puppy dogs, that will probably be my last time trying to spear one of them.

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  • I've seen a set up using one of those swivel type rings for jbl shafts. Had a float line running to a float above. Not sure on the effectiveness. Seems like it would place quite a bit of drag and would make it almost not worth it. I know Manny Puig has set things up for blue water using triggerless systems.

  • Nice!

    Rolo: Black marlins in the caribbean? You sure?

    In Cuba they call them Black Marlin. Look up Cuban Black Marlin and you'll see it synonmyous with Atlantic Blue. Whatever the terminology, it was dark black in the water and it was undoubtely a marlin...hence black marlin.

  • STUD...nice hogs..i bet the onlookers were in awe...nicely done, those look delicious.

    and rolo that sounds like an amazing experience..swimming w a marlin would be sweet

    i like to spear fish

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