Abacos - October

  • Over in the islands this past weekend: Really wanted to shoot a wahoo, but I do not think they have moved in thick yet...we caught 1 one on rod and reel.

    Below was taken in a few hours...most of the credit goes to my man Nik

    First video - shooting a hog:

    Second video - retrieving the hog and nik with a grouper shot. They ended up in the same connected hole. Note my erratic hand movement - this is not a usual part of my freediving repertoire. We had been diving all day in about 15 feet, we moved out around 3pm and were bouncing around in 50-60 feet for a few hours when all the above fish were caught. Probably 2 dives before this I should have called it a day, I had not eaten and could tell my body was fatigued. I was really close to a samba on this dive, I am glad Nik was there as a precaution.

    Third video - Nik man handeling the grouper at of the hole. He had to use his feet as leverage.

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