Broward Beach Conditions

  • on the beach at 1030

    wind from NNW at 15-20
    current from south at 1.6
    viz 20-15ft in 40fsw
    seas 2-3 at 40fsw, 3ft at 60fsw
    water temp 74

    today was not the perfect day
    no man o war
    no jellies
    few fish, got 1 14in trigger and 1 14in hog
    rough seas out at 60fsw for an old man and yak

  • 12-16-08
    on the beach at 0800

    begin -------------------------end
    wind from W at 5 -------- then from E at 15
    current from S at 1.5
    viz 15f in 20fsw -----------20f in 30fsw
    seas 1.5f------------------ 2.5f in 40fsw
    water temp 74 in 30fsw
    72deg rain------------------------ partly cloudy 80deg

    viz got better later in the dive! no man o war, 2 pink jellies, birds feeding, 2 14in hogs

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  • I'm over in Tampa for winter Break and tried to jump in the water today off the beach. Makes me miss Broward county.

    After 3 days of flat calm seas, <5mph winds out of the east, the vis was so bad that I couldnt see my hand fully extended in the water. water was 65deg.

    Make me appreciate our clear water!!

  • umm.... not so much. Theres some cool artificial reefs and inshore hard bottom. But yea... most of the good stuff is far offshore.

  • If you look at the water maps you can see that the closest the shelf is to the W coast of Fl is at St. Pete. As you go up or down from St. Pete the shelf [deeper water] gets further off shore. I used to sponge dive commercial out of Spring Hill [2hr Nof St. Pete] and we got 1fsw for every mile out. So to get into 20fsw we had to be roughly 20mi off shore like pargo said! An artificial reef effort has been made over the years to increase near shore diving and fishing but it all pales in comparison to even our first reef off shore in Broward.
    Don't worry fishindude, you'll be back home soon:D

  • on the beach at 0830 [before the LG]:D
    wind from the W at 1-2--------- E at 4-5
    water temp 75 in 40fsw
    current from S at about 1
    viz 35f in 40fsw-------------------30f in 35fsw
    seas maybe 1f in 40fsw----------same
    70deg cloudy----------------------75deg sunny

    got 2 14in hogs, 1 14in trigger, 1 22in cero. Few pink jellies. Lots of boats. Glad I use a full size boat dive flag on my yak.:(
    Lots of beach buns:)

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  • Thanks for the report hau. Dive flag is very important. I swam out of the way of a huge boat on Friday. I heard the engines and looked up, it was heading straight for me. I swam to the right keeping an eye on it. The boat passed 45ft to the left of me. Jim saw it and said the wake directly from the props smacked me in the face.

  • Yea, seems like a lot of boats in my area are set on Auto Pilot or at least the helm is not maned correctly.
    I use a full size [22x24?] boat dive flag on my yak and still get buzzed/straffed now and then, especially on the weekends.
    Many/many times have I been glad that I use a reel and do not use a float line.:0
    I would be very angry if a prop caught my float line:angry5:

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  • on the beach at 0830 at Dania pier

    wind from N at maybe 1-2----------from SE at 8
    water temp. 75deg in 30fsw
    current from S at maybe1 in 30fsw
    viz 35f in 30fsw----------------------25f in 25fsw
    seas flat------------------------------1.5-2f
    air temp.66 pc-----------------------76deg pc

    got 1 13in hog, 1 14in hog, 1 14in trigger

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  • on the beach at 0800

    wind N at 5---------------------------NE at 15-20
    water temp. 75in 40fsw
    current from N at 1-----------------same
    viz 40f in 40fsw---------------------25f in 25fsw
    seas 1.5 in 40fsw-------------------5f in 40fsw:0
    partly cloudy 66deg----------------partly cloudy 75deg

    got 1 24in cero, 1 14 in hog, small craft warning and yak rolled at anchor=I quit at
    noon and it took 1 hour to get back to shore.:(

  • Yea, the forecast was for small craft warning, but I wanted to dive before it got bad. I started getting bounced around pretty bad on the surface even though the viz was good. The building waves filled my snorkel quite a few times. The breaking point came when I turned to check the yak again and could not see my flag or yak in the high seas. I swam hard the 100yd or so toward the anchor point till I saw my yak turtled and still at anchor:0
    A good wave must have rolled my yak. I lost no gear as I stow everything below deck and even the flag is strapped to the hull. But conditions were getting worse quick so I came in early:(

  • You are correct about the electronics. I hand hold all my electronics as my yak is a peddle yak [Hobie mirage drive] and put my GPS, cell phone and FF back into their drypks once I get to my dive spot, other wise todays turtle would have been expensive. Another rouge wave caught me not watching as I was coming in and tore my RA off the side of the yak but I grabbed it immediatly. I was lucky today also:D

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