Broward Beach Conditions

  • on the beach at 0900
    wind from SE at 6mph------------------------from-SW at 19mph:crazy:
    water temp 74 in 35fsw
    current 0-----------------------------------aprox 1 from S
    viz 45f in 40fsw---------------------------35f in 35fsw
    seas aprox 3 1/2f-------------------------2 1/2f confused seas
    air 76deg and PC--------------------------85deg and cloudy

    did not pull the trigger all day, did see 1 octopus, 2 sea turtles and got checked out by a pair of dolphins:)
    wind got up so high my 24x22 dive flag got ripped. I yak surfed right up onto the beach. When I got back to the truck there was a 'special marine advisory, all small craft should seek shelter'.:)

  • I have only seen maybe 6-7 in the 5-6 years I have been here. I would not be able to shoot one. To me they are an incredable animal. I used to get them by the bucket off Tarpon Springs, Fl when I commercial sponged. They would hid in the sponges I cut and at night I would go up on deck with a light and they would be all over the boat trying to escape back into the water. I like to watch them change color and shape and slide across the sea floor with no effort. This one today was being followed by a 16-20in grouper and was moving along the bottom with his tenical tips curled up so the grouper could not bite the tips off:)

  • Unless I am mistaken, octopus are primarily a night creature. That is why they were hiding in the sponges during the day when I cut the sponges and at night the octopus would come out of the sponges lying on the boat deck. Whenever I had to do a night dive I would see at least 1 octopus every night. I never researched this, this is just what I have seen.

  • Where are all the cobia?
    I would love to see/shoot a cobia as I have never shot one.
    Are they in deeper water?
    Is anyone else seeing them around here and can help me to find one?

  • I shot a 42lb cobia two years ago doing a beach dive out of Ft Lauderdale. It was in 25ft max on the second reef. If anyone would see one it's you hau with the amount of diving you do. I wouldn't say they're a tricky fish to shoot. They let you get close as they're coming through and don't know about divers.

  • WOW, thats a nice cobia:D
    I would love to get a chance at one like that.
    I guess I'll have to get educated about cobias before I can get one
    Did that one bend your spear like everybody says they do?

  • Yes, it bent my spear. I got tired fighting it and couldn't straighten the spear in the water so I had to turn back. The head is hard so I couldn't dispatch it with a knife, maybe I was sticking it in the wrong place. I opted for ripping out its gills and my fingers were weak afterwards, consequently I couldn't work on the spear. I did straighten it later though.

  • on Dania pier beach at 0845

    wind from S at 4mph-------------------------from W at 8mph
    water temp. 74deg in 35fsw
    current 0--------------------------------------from S at maybe 1
    viz 35f in 35fsw------------------------------30f in 30fsw
    seas 1 1/2f in 35fsw------------------------1 or less in 30fsw
    air 61deg PC---------------------------------74deg cloudless

    Great yak/spearin day with spearo Scott Rapp. [ I even kept up with him:)]
    no jellies, no MOW. We found a little fish spot and I ended up with 5 14-16in hogs.
    Scott did good also. Maybe he will tell his story:)
    Great beach/yak/spearin day:D

  • Had a great day out on the water w/ Hau. Conditions were perfect we hit the jaxs first saw a few nurse sharks and a nice size hog but as soon as he saw me he went right into the jaxs. I ended the day w/ 3 triggers 12 - 13 in and a 13 in hog. Looking forward to sunday w/ the yak group.

  • Why do you think there are so few of them here? Cuba north coast is fished out but there's always octopus.

    You only see them if you are looking for them. In 18-30ft is where you can see them most, just look for freshly eaten clams near a small hole. I saw 2 of them ripping apart the largest slipper lobster I've ever seen when we went with Ron. I shot one once and it wasn't so good as to put them on my list. The reef squid on the other hand are great.

    Davie Peguero

  • av001----sorry, I do not have a camera yet. Guess I was bad for Christmas:(
    What UW camera/housing would you buy or have now please?

    seaweed------I read what you wrote about freezing the squid first. How is the best/easiest way to cook
    prepare squid please?

    Scott Rapp---I know that you want to keep that spot a secret, but I think you should have at least told the spearos here about the mermaid we saw:D
    Please keep me in the loop for Sunday.

    That was the first time I'd been to Dania pier beach. Very nice spearin beach [no LG]. Easy in/out beach, no rinse off post:( Parking is at 2603.503---8006.740. Master meters will accept $5 bill. I ran over the time with no ticket:) Has 2 bathroom buildings 200yd from our launch site.

  • pargo--yes, that is a good price for a nice set-up, but I'll have to wait:(
    I would love to be able to show quality videos like greekdive. I love to watch his videos.
    He makes it look so easy, his videos almost makes me want to go out and buy a pneumatic gun:0

  • I just cut the squid in rings and dust the squid with zatarains fish-fri and fry for about 60 seconds.

    Davie Peguero

  • seaweed----thanks a lot, sounds like even I could do that:thumbsup2:
    The other day when I saw that octopus I thought it was a squid at first. He had his tenical tips curled up and was sliding along the bottom trailed by a 16-20in grouper. At first all I saw was his squid shaped head/body and very short tenicals.
    I haven't seen squid for months now. Maybe the water got too cold for them?

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