Neptonics systems Josh Bad customer care!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!!

  • Ohh Boy, Josh was taking a beating on this thread.

    I've deal with him and talked with him multiple times on the phone. Josh is a good guy, he just gets too much going on at times.

    Prompt response and customer service is a big part of business, and he misses that part of it when he loses focus.

    He just need to hire an Admin to answer calls / reply to emails and make sure folks are happy out there.

    Even if a shipment is going to be late, its nice to get a reply.

    This person can then whip him into shape and make his business even stronger.

    Needs to wear Safety Glasses too, when he's working in his shop with cameras rolling..... But hey, I'm not the Insurance company adjusting his rates.

  • I know this is an old thread but I have something to add.

    Unfortunately, the above post is simply not true. Over the past two months while building 2 spearguns, I've done a lot of research and asked a lot of questions.
    When looking at mechs, I sent neptonics an email asking a few simple questions about the reef mech vs wide mech, then sent dan an email about his reverse mech asking a few questions.
    Dan was back to me within 6 hours with hot links in his email to specific things he suggested.
    I still have not received an email back from neptonics.
    I bought 2 mechs from dan after waiting on josh for a week.
    Two weeks ago, I decided to try a set of long blade free dive finds versus the scuba fins I had. I offered a $90 set of beuchat fins from neptonics.
    I received the fins within a week and the foot pocket is HUGE I sent am email asking for a call back and left a voice mail. After no call back, I called every day for 3 day's a few times during normal business hours until someone picked up the phone. Based on the voice, it did not sound like josh that I spoke to.
    I informed them off the issue and that I would like to return them for a size smaller and was told to ship them back and they would seND me another set. I went on to ask if these normally were true to size and was told no, out of every ten we sell, 2 or 3 get returned back for a smaller size and nobody ever needs bigger ones. So I shipped my fins back at the $32 cost to me, being 30% of the total fin cost. I'm hoping the next ones will actually fit.

    If 30% of a specific product are being returned for the same issue, you need to do something about it. Even a disclaimer on the site that says these fins have been known to run large in size. Order accordingly.
    Although shipping had been quick albe it the slowest option is chosen, the overall service had been sub par.

    I'm a business owner who has grown my business 300% in two years specifically on a bulletproof service model. If I ran my business like they do, I'd be broke and eating cat food. .

    If someone from neptonics reads this and feels like anything here is untrue or unfair, please, feel free to pm me. It would be the first time I've actually gotten a response.

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  • Getting spun out or poor service does leave a bad taste in your mouth.

    Had a guy call me a few weeks ago. He called "manufacturer" for help 10X times, emailed all of the different accounts in different states for help over a couple days. Crickets.

    He found me and by luck of the draw, I actually had the part he needed in in my stash box of stuff. It was a spare for something I made for someone else with same failure. I will sometimes make 2 of an item for a spare for me, and to document what I made vs a print.

    He will never do business with that company again and will also tell all his buddies "they suck" too.

    He's a motivated advertiser for them now.
    I will not mention the polespear manufacturer by name for it's just what I was told over the phone. Not my place

    The Cherry on Top, that really got him excited is it broke on the 1st shot. I told him why it broke from flaw in design and now it works great for him. Manufacture might be able to fix the design, but they don't answer the phone for returns and quality issues.

  • What you are about to witness is real. The participants are not actors. They are the actual people who have already either filed suit or been served a summons to appear in a California municipal court. Both parties in the suit have agreed to dismiss their court cases and have their disputes settled here, in our forum: The People's Court.

  • In fairness to the actual person, I just did talk to josh on the fin issue and he was very understanding and helpful. I don't know who the last guy was that answered but the difference was obvious and immediate.

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