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    The MIRROR is hack group. Headline is perfect example of fake news and all the triangle chatter is off topic of the "actual news".

    Looked a little farther into it.

    The sands moving there pretty normal. This one was larger than normal according on old timer in National Geographic Article.

    New Island Appears Off Coast of North Carolina in Outer Banks

    I did a Google maps view for reference.

    Old hat for locals (been there seen that, and got a T-shirt), was interesting to me.…6c-8209-8ec6f24a01ee.html

    They are very aggressive and voracious fish, it is good that they limit their populations or make them disappear
    Good initiative on the part of the government that they do not ignore their athletes in the submarine fishery specialty

    NOTE: Beware that this open limit is only valid in designated waterways. Somehow the fish Piike got located in the wrong locations and the game and fish manage all of the resources, thusly this plan. Waterways that allow Pike will be managed differently.

    Transporting live fish will get an officer EXCITED for this reason. Be sure to consult with a local officer if you go. for this particular scenario they should guide you to a good location.

    There might be other states as well.

    Cudas, Lings and Pike all seem to have the same attitude.

    I've had Pike before , seemed ok to me at the time. This was before I had the pleasure to eat many saltwater fish.

    Freshwater vs saltwater fish is something to think about. Bass was a favorite as a kid, now, it's towards the bottom of my fish choice.

    The Great State of Montana has some areas where they want them all killed off too. Some California divers head up there for the summer vacations. They were using band guns and I made them a few spear tips.

    Paralyzer tips? maybe for small one's, here is a Picture of Brett with a couple of them. Brett sent me info on this hunt.

    Fishing poles & jigs are a common method of take. They are in the middle of the rocky Mountains, low % of Spear-o's there.

    Spear-o's taking family vacation for other activities was my thought. Visibility, hunting locations, the quantity of fish to actually shoot, among other things. If they are paying $20 a head, I don't see one person getting too many of them. A cooler of 10 - 20 would be a lot, I would think.

    Diving as a plan A, but take fishing pole and tackle as plan B. Is what I would do.

    " Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Colorado Water Conservation Board are offering $20 for each northern pike caught on the reservoir beginning May 26, KDVR reports.

    CPW biologists fear the predatory fish reaching the Colorado River and harming the trout population as well as feeding on the state’s endangered native fish – The Colorado pikeminnow, humpback chub, razorback sucker and bonytail. "

    Check with local game officials on method of take. I assume out of state hunters are welcome.

    There are lots of Utube videos on shooting them, take a look to see if it's something you would like to do.

    Reward could help pay for the trip.…ard-northern-pike-caught/

    Colorado Parks & Wildlife - CPW News Release

    Cut and Paste from Regs, #103 page 4, Link is below

    4. Underwater spearfishing, archery, and gigs
    a. Underwater spearfishing, archery, and gigs may be used statewide for the taking of carp and northern pike, except as otherwise prohibited by these regulations or land management agencies. East of the Continental Divide, gizzard shad, and white or long-nose suckers may also be taken, unless 4 otherwise prohibited in regulation #108. Other game fish species may only be taken when authorized in regulation #108 for a specific water.
    b. The following additional restrictions apply to underwater spearfishing:
    1. CO2 guns or cartridge- powered spears are prohibited.
    2. Guns must be loaded and unloaded while the gun is submerged.
    3. Divers must stay within a radius of 100 feet of a float bearing the National Divers’ Symbol.
    4. Spears must be attached by a safety line.…Regs/Regulations/Ch01.pdf

    It's not a spring. I am not exactly sure how it works but I think its a certain material that might change voltage drop or resistance as it gets strained. So, it is kind or a S or Z shaped piece of metal(?) inside with the top leg being the top eye of the scale and the bottom being where the load attaches. And then you run a current through it and a micro processor with an algorithm puts out a value. At least that's what I think.
    All this tech/chips/sensors have become so cheap and accessible.

    E.g. look at the DJI drone. 1000 bucks for something that is much more advanced than 100.000 USD military UAVs from just 5-10 years back. I know MIL spec is a different ball game, but tech is becoming way cheaper.

    In reg. to the ratchet strap, I blatantly stole that idea from some dude on youtube testing fishing lines:-)

    Strain gauge then, that's what I thought, without research. Lots of new FLAVORS of them I figure too.

    I have been thinking about magnets, too as I know they are used in some open muzzles. And some guys even splice one into their slip-tip line. But I got a bit dissuaded when the magnet I had in a line release for a pneumatic gun withered away after the first spearing trip. What do you guys do? Epoxy coat your magnets? Rubber coat them?

    Depends on where you are mounting it.

    Place the magnet so you can clean it off with ease, if its in a hole, it will be much tougher to get out iron filings and other magnetic material. One of the issues to consider in using a magnet.

    What is the method to measure inside that Device? Strain gauge maybe? maybe a spring, but not sure how they get a digital signal from that.

    I got a couple Dillion force gauges that use a deflection beam with a dial indicator on it. These are spendy, but I found some deals on ebay.

    Dillon X-Series Compression, Tension and Push Pull Force Gauges

    The ratchet strap is got idea , I set mine up with some pulleys for the small gauge and just pull it by hand.

    For the 1000 lb gauge I use log chains and a hand come-along I carry behind the seat of my truck. not the best way, just used what I had. Guarding for breakage is more messy with plywood stacked around it.

    Dan had a nice setup ( on one of these threads ) testing mono line.

    I use both 5 prong and 6 prong cluster heads, either 6" or 8" tines and they are great fish stickers. Never used a 3 prong.

    Pete have you ever used those cluster heads on a speargun for free shafting the gun with no line? I've made a few Paralyzer (3 prong ) for that setup. Thought it was a little strange, but they love the method.

    What is the cost of Brass in Australia compared to Stainless? Seen brass bases there before. I didn't understand why they pick brass, Figured cost or Solder material temperature.

    I don't think she wants to buy 2 spendy setups for a couple teens that will probably lose one of them before the end of the year.

    In all of the help for her,still talking about some gear for a couple of kids. Not like they are hunting trophy game and need a $3K Sako / Swarovsk setup.

    Dan's 100% right, IMHO if you got one tip use a Flopper. All I use, unless I'm testing a new design/concept.

    Be happy to help when Husband gets home, Glad to hear your kids got a father around, so important in many ways.

    I was thinking they might be in Shop Class in school to have access to simple tools and some guidance.

    I sent Link to Aaron Crist, you should have your husband call him too. He might have some poles kicking around perfect for your kids. Aaron has more of them than I can even count. No Kid Free zone around his home. :)

    You might consider having your son build his own.

    This can be educational for him along with having more pride in the hunt and catch using his own creation.

    Save some money and he can learn what type product might be his best fit as he gets older and has his own income for a fancier pole.

    Be happy to help, just drop me a line.

    Not sure I'm understanding you note / question. I don't see the volume of wood, for water displacement value.

    I think most float the gun in water and tape the lead on top in different positions and amounts.

    Not the easiest problem to figure out with a pencil, slide rule and big chief notebook.

    I missed this dialog, I use my Hardness Tester to verify my heat treating process is correct. It comes in ready handy when you go start drawing back the hardness of the metal.

    If the metal is too hard, it will be too brittle and snap. Thusly the annealing step. This is more about other metal types that you wouldn't use on a spear. Think of forming Dies, Crimper jaws and other tools.

    I measure deflection like Gecko does. Think of a graph, Lbs force vs distance. I tossed my POS Spring scale and bought a force gauge. This was big league improvement on numbers.

    Dan, you are going for the Yield Point. I tend to keep the test in the elastic region. and you can use Hooke's Law. Comparing test data to theoretical is always nice. You might also be chasing the vendors' shafts that was processed in different batches. I've seen some junk come thru the shop. Vendors you would not expect.

    Clean bench, impressive. Mine is terrible. You don't fold and iron your socks now?

    I'll post more information later.

    Material types, there are many choices, but market cost and size availability is part of it vs picking some rare type off of the list.

    There are times I would like metric sizes, but cost is expensive.

    For heat treatment process, you can find that on specification sheets. ( missing one, let me know) A quality Oven with low temperature gradients is important. I monitor 3 different zones for proper temperature in my rod furnace, but just control off of one. I got mine in a salvage bone yard and just had to make my own controls.

    Many choices for carbon steel, I cut a lot of 1018, but this is not the type you want for a shaft.

    I would check with local plating company for adding a coating, chrome or nickel I think.

    I wet my surfaces with water to get the Curing process activated.

    It does expand with air adsorption. Lighter amount of glue was my method. Un-Clamped parts will move with this expansion.

    I can't recall using it on plastics, So many different types out there and glue types can get confusing.