Pike spearfishing bounty hunters wanted in Colorado

  • " Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Colorado Water Conservation Board are offering $20 for each northern pike caught on the reservoir beginning May 26, KDVR reports.

    CPW biologists fear the predatory fish reaching the Colorado River and harming the trout population as well as feeding on the state’s endangered native fish – The Colorado pikeminnow, humpback chub, razorback sucker and bonytail. "

    Check with local game officials on method of take. I assume out of state hunters are welcome.

    There are lots of Utube videos on shooting them, take a look to see if it's something you would like to do.

    Reward could help pay for the trip.


    Colorado Parks & Wildlife - CPW News Release

    Cut and Paste from Regs, #103 page 4, Link is below

    4. Underwater spearfishing, archery, and gigs
    a. Underwater spearfishing, archery, and gigs may be used statewide for the taking of carp and northern pike, except as otherwise prohibited by these regulations or land management agencies. East of the Continental Divide, gizzard shad, and white or long-nose suckers may also be taken, unless 4 otherwise prohibited in regulation #108. Other game fish species may only be taken when authorized in regulation #108 for a specific water.
    b. The following additional restrictions apply to underwater spearfishing:
    1. CO2 guns or cartridge- powered spears are prohibited.
    2. Guns must be loaded and unloaded while the gun is submerged.
    3. Divers must stay within a radius of 100 feet of a float bearing the National Divers’ Symbol.
    4. Spears must be attached by a safety line.


  • Looks like most are using gigs for the pike. Poking these fish would be fun with A pole spear/three prong, especially given the fresh water visibility in some of the videos. Is there a culinary value to pike? Not too many destinations will pay you for simply doing what we like to do...

    Interesting possibilities


  • I've had Pike before , seemed ok to me at the time. This was before I had the pleasure to eat many saltwater fish.

    Freshwater vs saltwater fish is something to think about. Bass was a favorite as a kid, now, it's towards the bottom of my fish choice.

    The Great State of Montana has some areas where they want them all killed off too. Some California divers head up there for the summer vacations. They were using band guns and I made them a few spear tips.

    Paralyzer tips? maybe for small one's, here is a Picture of Brett with a couple of them. Brett sent me info on this hunt.

    Fishing poles & jigs are a common method of take. They are in the middle of the rocky Mountains, low % of Spear-o's there.

    Spear-o's taking family vacation for other activities was my thought. Visibility, hunting locations, the quantity of fish to actually shoot, among other things. If they are paying $20 a head, I don't see one person getting too many of them. A cooler of 10 - 20 would be a lot, I would think.

    Diving as a plan A, but take fishing pole and tackle as plan B. Is what I would do.

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  • Holy cow! Now those look like a lot of fun to shoot! I agree on the salt water fish vs fresh water fish culinary value. Some fresh water fish taste muddy and bland. But depending on where and time of year, freshwater fish are tasty. Can't bring myself to try freshwater sashimi though.

    Thanks for the info.


  • Nice pic, well done Brett.

    I heard Pike is prized and eaten in Russia, where it's called Shuka.

    Interesting and beautiful fish. Aggressive like our barracuda. I remember something about an attempt to market barracuda as saltwater pike. BTW barracuda is great table fare. I agree about freshwater fish not holding a candle to saltwater, but if you're hungry and/or don't know better I'm sure it's good eating too. We're probably better engineered by nature to eat freshwater fish.

  • That's funny you mention barracuda Dan because I was thinking all along that these fish look like cudas. And I think cuda is one of the best tasting mellow fish for sashimi! I would be interested in shooting some of these pikes and preparing them in a variety of ways to test their culinary value for me personally. There are only a few fish out there that aren't pleasing no matter how you prepare them! I know Eastern Europeans like the variety of carp they have making meat balls and such. I have tried our American variety of carp and I just don't like it....but my father does (he's hard core!) Looks like a trip to Colorado or Montana for some pike would be an adventure. But first there are those giant striped bass in the Colorado river I would love to hunt. A salt water fish in a fresh water environment...wonder how that affects the flavor?


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  • Aren't they actually called freshwater cudas by some? I think I have seen that a few times.
    The Russian hunters really like pneumatics for this job as viz is often low so the much shorter air guns seem perfect for this job.
    In Denmark, I have had some OK fish cakes made out of pike.

  • Son peces muy agresivos y voraces, esta bien que limiten sus poblaciones o los hagan desaparecer
    buena iniciativa por parte del gobierno que no ignoran a sus deportistas en la especialidad pescasubmarina
    ni otras modalidades.:thumbsup2:


    They are very aggressive and voracious fish, it is good that they limit their populations or make them disappear
    Good initiative on the part of the government that they do not ignore their athletes in the submarine fishery specialty
    Nor other modalities :thumbsup2:

  • They are very aggressive and voracious fish, it is good that they limit their populations or make them disappear
    Good initiative on the part of the government that they do not ignore their athletes in the submarine fishery specialty

    NOTE: Beware that this open limit is only valid in designated waterways. Somehow the fish Piike got located in the wrong locations and the game and fish manage all of the resources, thusly this plan. Waterways that allow Pike will be managed differently.

    Transporting live fish will get an officer EXCITED for this reason. Be sure to consult with a local officer if you go. for this particular scenario they should guide you to a good location.

    There might be other states as well.

    Cudas, Lings and Pike all seem to have the same attitude.

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