Recent Trip to Walker's Cay

  • 20 ft is a lot harder after a night of drinking but it has certainly changed how I view fish here. It was amazing to see such vibrant, thriving reefs.

    Dan, the sharks showed up after my friend shot a decent sized mutton. When the sharks arrived so did some of the biggest muttons we had seen and our friend/pilot couldnt resist. It was a pretty exciting couple minutes to say the least.

    It was an incredible trip. Can't wait to get back; hopefully I will get the chance this spring.

  • I could be happy without a gun with fish stocks and beautiful shallow water abundance like that.
    Nice vid mate, looks like good times.

    Cheers, Don

    "Great mother ocean brought forth all life, it is my eternal home'' Don Berry from Blue Water Hunters.

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  • Ill put you on the list Frank. haha.

    In case anyone remembers all the way back to the last time I took this trip; I was very frustrated with shaft penetration and loosing fish. This year I had a friend of mine (one of the guys on the trip) sharpen the tips because the factory tips are terrible. We did not loose any fish as a result of under penetration and overall did not loose many fish at all. However, we did have a couple fish thrash the polespears we brought along. That big cubera snapped 500lb wire like it wasn't even there.

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