ALL stainless steel mono crimping tool for spearfishing

  • Heavy duty ALL stainless steel 10.25" long Crimping Tool by Speardiver. Stainless steel tool head with stainless steel handles and red non-slip grips, with 4 positions to crimp wire and mono from 50 LB to 450 LB test. Includes a built-in side line cutter. Available from Freedive Speardiver ALL Stainless Steel Crimping Tool

    Note: Crimpers sold by our competitors containing Stainless Steel in the description are almost never completely made of stainless steel. Normally only the handles are stainless steel, this is most evident with crimpers that have a black color tool head. But even crimpers that have a steel colored tool head are most commonly not stainless steel. The Speardiver mono and wire crimper is ALL stainless steel, perfect for a professional crimping job at home or on the boat.

    Speardiver tip
    For best holding strength and durability crimp in two spots slightly back from each end of the crimp, so that the crimp edge doesn't dig into the mono and cut into it. Leave the middle un-crimped. When possible lightly melt the end of the mono with a lighter to form a glob, before pulling it to the crimp. This will lessen the possibility of the mono slipping through the crimp.

  • It looks nice. Mine is the ugliest thing on earth (not SS) but it still works. I keep it in a plastic bag to avoid staining everything... :rolleyes1::rolleyes1::D

    Will buy one of these when mine fails.

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

  • Dan thanks for the crimping tips, I knew about the lighter and glob at the end but not about the rest..again thanks!

    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

  • Nice!!! Great addition to the line up. I have seen tests done on crimp strength and its conclusive that the technique Dan describes is best. The burning off the end and drawing back flush into crimp is Very important as is not crimping to the end of the crimp so it doesnt bite into mono. It should flare at the end. Its also important to orient the crimp properly in the tool, so the 2 pieces of line are squeezed together and the crimp isnt sideways and gets smashed. Chaffing gear like a thimble or small diameter tubing will also serve to make faulire less likely. YMMV

  • Another tip, sometimes the crimps have a sharp edge on the flared end and on the crimped section, I like to go over it with a jewelers file .

  • Jon from ulu sub uses a plastic tubing around the mono thats perfect. Id love to see you carry some of that stuff. Im gona find out from him the specs

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