last Sunday of 2014

  • Bad cold and work kept me out of the water for weeks :(
    Anyway Sunday was my last day off for the year so sinuses be damned i went!
    I finally think I have found someone who will stick with me in the blue shooting, I think I may have given him the bug! ;) We were looking for Yellowfin tuna, seeing them deep on the fishfinder, but could not get them to show themselves. I shot 5 rainbow runners, 2 barracudas, 2 tiny jacks and a okay dolphin mostly for chum...trying to get the tuna up, the Dolphin and a couple of rainbows survived the chum board. The survivors are in the picture all the rest were chum.
    Several very aggressive barracuda made the first part dicey and fun for me in the water by myself, I hate mundane :crazy:
    My buddy shot the only wahoo that showed up while i was fighting a stinking rainbow stoked for my buddy as its all he shot, but pissed it wasnt me :laughing:
    I have video but just cant be bothered :@ If you want to see you can look for me on instagram: @bluewaterspearfisher

    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

  • Sweeet!!!! I should be diving but working on projects in the yard for wifey:( getting 20 tons of gravels delivered tommorow ;)

  • Me 2. Had it for 3 weeks without any improvement, had a big gig I HAD to do, broke down and did a course of ampicilin and was gtg in a week. Ymmv. Hope you feeling better soon. 2015 is THE YEAR

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