Bluefin with lilikoi, green chili sauce and beet rizzotto

  • Soak fish in lemon and tangerine juice with ginger over night. Sear fish after sauces and rizotto are complete.

    Roast Anaheim chilis in oven then seed and skin. Place in blender with avocado olive oil salt pepper to taste.

    Blend Lilikoi (passion fruit) puree with silken tofu and mayple syrup.

    Cut a couple of peeled beets and juice one beat. Add rice to pan with a splash of olive oil and waternstir till absobed.
    Then add diced beets. Continue adding beet juice and water till rizzotto is cooked. While getting desired consistency. Invite family over for dinner and to stir consistently.

  • Thanks guys. Soaking the tuna in the lemon makes cooking the fish easier. I can get a nice sear and not worry about drying out the fish.

  • But soaking in lime will cook the fish, that's ceviche. Do you mean sear for a few seconds or fry?

    Yes soaking in lemon will cook the fish just like ceviche. So you get the citrus flavor and a little less time on the heat keeping the fish moist. I add a little oil or butter to a pan and try to get a nice crisp layer on the fish yet its still pink on the inside.

    Here is where I got the idea for the risotto if you like to play in the kitchen they have some cool recipes.

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